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A to Z of MS

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A to Z of MS MS Decisions

The MS Decisions website is temporarily unavailable while the site is redeveloped.

Since it was launched in 2004, more than 100,000 people have used MS Decisions to help them choose between the self-injected disease modifying drugs for relapsing remitting MS. There's a much wider range of drugs for relapsing remitting MS available now, so deciding which one is best for you is getting more complicated.

The MS Trust is redeveloping MS Decisions to help you explore your options. The new website will include updated information on all eleven drugs approved for use by the NHS in the UK.

The balance between how well a drug works and the risk of side effects will be a key factor when choosing a treatment, but for most people, other issues will also be important such as the impact it has on daily life or plans to start a family.

Having a conversation with your MS neurologist or MS nurse is a vital first step to understanding which of the disease modifying drugs would be best for you, but you will probably need time to think it over, talk it through with family or friends and read more about your options before making a choice.

The new website is being designed to help you discuss starting or switching between disease modifying drugs with your MS team.

The new-look MS Decisions will help you explore your options. The site will include:

  • Frequently asked questions about starting, switching, stopping and living with disease modifying drugs
  • A guide to decision making, covering topics like your attitude to risk, weighing up the pros and cons of treatment and how issues about family, relationships and work might affect your decision
  • An interactive decision aid that gives you:
    • Detailed information about each drug in straightforward language
    • Side-by-side summaries so that you can compare a short list of drugs
    • Tools to help you select drugs based on criteria that matter to you

If you would like to discuss disease modifying drug options or more information about the new-look MS Decisions, contact the MS Trust Info Team on 0800 032 3839 or email


About MS Decisions

The MS Decisions website was originally developed by a group of organisations led by the Department of Health Medicines Partnership, with initial development funding from the Department of Health. The MS service at University College London NHS Foundation Trust (UCL) was integral to the creation of the site and has driven its development throughout. In April 2006 the ownership and management of the website became the responsibility UCL who fully updated the site content in 2009. During this time, the MS Trust supported with implementing edits recommended by the UCL editorial group.

MS Decisions has always been an independent site and no funding from pharmaceutical companies has been taken for its development or maintenance.

Building on the strength of MS Decisions to deliver independent information that meets the needs of people with MS, the MS Trust took over the responsibility for the website during 2014 with a view to updating the content and delivery of the decision aid.

That update culminates in the re-launch of MS Decisions as an integral part of the MS Trust's own website. Funded by the MS Trust with contributions from a number of grant funders, MS Decisions remains an independent resource and has similarly taken account of the views of people with MS and their health professionals, involving UCL in a steering capacity, as well as neurologists and MS nurses through an Editorial Board.

In enabling this development, the MS Trust wishes to thank UCL for their continued support and contributions to this development, as well as the following grant funders:

  • The February Foundation
  • The Sylvia Adams Trust
  • The Astor Foundation
  • The Goldsmiths Company
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