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Way Ahead Volume 15 Part 1 (January 2011)

50th issue of Way Ahead - what's changed?

Nicola Russell, Director of Services, MS Trust

Editorial looking at what has changed in the field of MS since Way Ahead was first published in January 1997.

Policy issues for health professionals and people with MS in 2011?

Nicola Russell, Director of Services, MS Trust

Overview of the critical issues for health professionals working in MS services for 2011, following the formation of the coalition government.

Emerging oral therapies to treat MS

Dr Alasdair Coles, Consultant Neurologist, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge

The promise of disease modifying drugs that come in the form of a pill has stirred a great deal of excitement amongst people with MS and their health professionals alike. This article discusses some of the key oral drug therapies expected to be available in the coming years and explains why the arrival of these drugs will make the decisions about drug therapy, and the care of people with MS, a lot more complex.

Strategies to improve physiotherapy outcomes in people with MS

Herb Karpatkin, Program in Physical Therapy, Hunter College, New York, USA

The benefits of physiotherapy for people with MS have been widely recognised for many years. However, problems with fatigue and/or heat sensitivity can discourage people from participating in exercise, or physiotherapy, programmes. This article discusses some strategies to enable people with MS to get the most out of their fitness regime.

Prevention is better than cure: promoting a proactive approach to mental health in people with MS

Jo Johnson, Consultant Neuropsychologist, West Sussex

It is estimated that about half of all people with MS will experience an episode of depression at some stage. Depression can be difficult to identify and people who experience it may not recognise it as such, or find it difficult talking about how they feel. The stigma that is associated with mental health problems can also act as a barrier. This article explores the key role health professionals can play in the prevention and treatment of depression in people with MS.

Highlights from the 2010 MS Trust annual conference

Information Team, MS Trust

Overview of the key plenary and seminar sessions from the 2010 MS Trust annual conference.



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