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Welcome to At work with MS

Reviewed February 2015

At work with MS aims to support people with multiple sclerosis to continue and thrive in the workplace. It does this by helping people to:

  • Recognise early potential difficulties at work
  • Develop strategies and suggest adaptations to manage problems
  • Work in partnership with health professionals and employers to find the most effective solutions
  • Answer some of the questions that arise when working with MS

At work with MS has tools to help you focus on different issues, an action plan to help you plan a way forward - it can sometimes take a few goes to get it right, experiences of others at work and the opportunity to share yours - good and bad, and links to agencies and other sources of support. It also aims to answer some of the questions you may have about working with MS.

At work with MS, people working.

How will MS affect my work?

What are my employment rights?

I have just been diagnosed with MS, can work continue?

Do I need to tell my employer about my MS?

What adjustments can be made at work?

How do I balance work and life?