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Falls: managing the ups and downs of MS Where to seek further advice and assistance

If you have had a fall or are concerned that you are liable to have a fall, there are a number of services that may be able to offer some help. Not all of these services will be available everywhere.

  • GP - as well as assessing and treating any health issues, your GP can refer you to appropriate local services
  • Physiotherapist - can suggest exercises to improve fitness, balance and posture and can also advise on walking equipment. Some services may provide training in transferring into and out of a wheelchair
  • Occupational therapist - can help you to find easier ways of doing everyday tasks such as showering or cooking or at work. They can also advise on and provide some equipment and adaptations to the home
  • Social services - for equipment to help with day to day activities
  • Exercise or fitness classes at your local gym or sports centre
  • Opticians and specialist vision services such as an orthoptist
  • Podiatrist or chiropodist services

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