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Falls: managing the ups and downs of MS Falls diary

If you experience falls regularly, keeping a diary can help you and your doctor identify if there are any reasons why this is happening. The events recorded in the diary may suggest treatments or alterations that can reduce these risks.

  • The date and time of day of the fall
  • Where you fell
  • What you were doing immediately before your fall
  • Any symptoms you were experiencing before you fell, such as feeling faint or dizzy, problems with your vision, weakness or spasms in your legs, etc
  • Any other relevant factors you think contributed to the fall
  • The worst thing that happened as a result of the fall
  • Any measures you think you can take to prevent the same thing happening again
  • If you couldn't get up, how you got help and what you could do in future to make this easier
  • Any pattern you feel emerging about where and when you fell

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