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Falls: managing the ups and downs of MS Introduction

This book is written for anyone who wants to help prevent falls by people with MS - whether they are someone with MS themselves, their partner, family member, friend or caregiver. It aims to help people think about falls, the reasons why they might happen and to suggest simple measures to help avoid them.

The wide variety of ways in which MS can affect people means that not all of the suggestions and tips in this book will be suitable for everyone. What is appropriate for someone who has the occasional stumble may not be suitable for someone more severely affected by balance or mobility problems. However, an awareness of risks, together with simple planning and forward thinking, can prevent many of the problems that can cause a fall.

Although prevention and avoidance are important, reading this book will not guarantee that someone will never fall again. If falls do happen, knowing how to get up safely or how to remain safe until help arrives can reduce the problems that may result from falling.

In describing ways to cope with falls, we hope this book will help people with MS to remain safe without imposing unnecessary limitations on day to day activities.

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