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Illustration of rehabilitation team
16 May 2014

I am 67 years old and I have had MS for over 30 years. I live with my husband who is nearly 80. Thankfully he is fit and well and between us we manage most things. He does the cooking and housework but I help with the dusting. I have been in a wheelchair for many years but can stand on a turning aid, with my husband’s help, to go to the toilet or get into bed or the car. However, my standing had been getting much worse and moving me from one place to another was getting very difficult for my husband.

16 May 2014

MS rehab services vary depending on where you live. If you have an MS nurse, they are often the best people to ask what’s available locally. If you have an MS therapy centre near you they might also be able to help you find a physiotherapist or other rehab professionals. You might need a referral from your GP to access some of these services.

16 May 2014

Rod McLaren is a writer and artist who was diagnosed with MS last year. Ahead of this year’s MS Trust Secret Art Show, Rod considers the challenges of depicting an ‘invisible disease’.

16 May 2014

The MS Therapy Centre in Norwich, like many therapy centres around the UK, offers a range of rehab services that could support you to continue living a full, active life. Wendy Hendrie works at the centre as an MS Specialist Physiotherapist. Here she explains exactly what practical support she can offer and the difference it can make.

16 May 2014

Karen Walker took part in a skydive for the MS Trust in December last year along with a group of her friends who all have MS. Here she tells us how they went from meeting on an MS course in Sheffield to climbing 13,000ft together in a light aircraft!

MS and pregnancy
16 May 2014

In this article Janice from the MS Trust information team explains what you might have to think about if you have MS and you’re considering having a baby.

14 May 2014

Deputy Headteacher Ed Godfrey took part in the 2014 London Marathon and raised £2,000 to support the work of the MS Trust. He was also inspired to write a poem for a school assembly, where he shares the real experience of running a marathon!