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Dr Nancy Chiaravalloti
31 October 2017

Anyone can have problems with forgetting things, but if you have MS this could be a significant problem. Dr Nancy Chiaravalloti has led research into ways people with MS can boost their memory.

Person laying in bed dreaming of a dripping tap
24 October 2017

If you wake several times during the night needing to get up for a wee, having a full night's sleep is really difficult. In this blog we explain what nocturia is and what you can do to to help with it.

Chips and ketchup dip
13 October 2017

  • Fatty diet and relapse risk
  • Clemastine may help repair MS damage
  • The MS symptoms that contribute most to perception of health
Salt shaker
06 October 2017

  • Salt doesn't cause MS
  • Fatigue treated with small electric current
  • Taxi discrimination challenged
  • Stem cells - the genuine potential and the dodgy clinics
  • MS drugs in Northern Ireland
Packets of drugs
29 September 2017

  • Disease modifying drugs - early vs escalation trial
  • Moves to reclassify pregabalin and gabapentin
  • Links between cognition and mobility
  • Lemtrada remains effective over five years
  • Fall risk and bladder dysfunction
  • MS disease activity linked to depression and anxiety
21 September 2017

Maisie, who was diagnosed with MS in June, aged just 14, hosted a My Garden Party in the summer, and raised thousands of pounds to help us make a difference for people with MS. Here she tells us what it meant to fundraise for the MS Trust and why she's determined to live her life like "any other teenager".