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25 January 2018

What exactly is mindfulness, and how you can you start trying it out? Justin Standfield, who was diagnosed with MS in 2015, explains how mindfulness helps him deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life with a long-term condition.

25 January 2018

Starting a conversation about sexual problems with a health professional can often feel daunting. Lesley Catterall and Denise Middleton, two MS specialists answer your questions.

25 January 2018

Amy was diagnosed with MS when she was just 14 years old. She faced isolation, bullying and despair, but has emerged from her experience stronger, and determined to help the MS Trust make sure no young person ever has to take on MS alone.

Cannabis Plant
19 January 2018

  • FDA finds against vitamin D and risk of MS claim
  • Medical cannabis supported by Welsh Assembly
  • Branded vs generic glatiramer study
12 January 2018

  • First PPMS drug licensed
  • Comparison of disease modifying drugs
  • Paralympic curler with MS
  • Bad living conditions for people with MS in Glasgow
Cartoon man holding DNA
29 December 2017

  • The effect of MS on work - a teacher's story
  • MS and cancer
  • Chickenpox, shingles and MS
  • Mild cognitive impairment and exercise
  • Stem cell therapy
22 December 2017

  • NICE recommends restricting choice of MS drugs
  • MS treatment optimism
  • Having MS and other conditions
  • Diagnostic criteria updated
Man sitting on tree stump and holding his head
15 December 2017

  • Gilenya and Betaferon compared
  • Pain prevalence and treatment
  • Cold water in the mouth helps heat sensitivity
  • Benefit reassessment concerns
  • Review of the year - MS in America