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My Super Nurse 2013: the winners!

Author: MS Trust

The voting has closed, the nominations have been counted and we're now ready to announce the winners of our 'My Super Nurse' award 2013.

When I was first diagnosed with MS I felt very alone and confused. I didn't know what my future held for me. Then I was put in touch with my amazing nurse who is now a friend for life.
She is such a star, she always seems to know the answers. She manages to cope with the whole county and yet still somehow manages to make you feel like you are important.
Some health professionals only see me as a person with MS. She sees me as me. She has gone out of her way and sometimes quite often on her off-duty days to arrange appointments and treatments for me. I am blessed and thankful she is my MS nurse.
How on earth can you explain the lifeline someone is in 140 characters? After 20 years of mis-diagnosis she made the difference, finally someone who cared and helped and understood.
She is so supportive and informative. Empathetic but never patronising. Always quick to get back in touch whenever there's a problem. I'll never forget our first meeting, despite her busy schedule she came to our house. She encouraged and re-inforced the good things that I was doing and gave so much information on what else I could do to help myself. She gave me hope and left giving me a warm, sincere hug. It was a turning point in my care.

Since voting opened at the end of January we've received hundreds of nominations from people affected by MS, from Derry to Great Yarmouth, from Truro to Dundee. Over one hundred different nurses were nominated: that's almost half of the entire MS specialist nurse workforce!

Each nomination came with a short tribute to the nurse being nominated, giving a little insight into the tremendous impact they can have.

You can see a small selection of the nominees, and read short interviews with them, on our Super Nurse nominee gallery.

We'd like to thank everyone who took the time to nominate their nurse this year. It's amazing to hear real-life stories of the difference MS specialist nurses can make, especially at a time when many of them find their funding is under threat.

Due to overwhelming numbers of nominations this year, and the fact that two nurses in particular were so far ahead of the field, we felt it only fair to announce joint winners of the award this year.

So we are very happy to announce that the MS Trust 'My Super Nurse' winners for 2013 are Miranda Olding from the MS Therapy Centre Beds and Northants and Lindsay Harrison of Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.

MS Trust Super Nurse

You can read an interview with Lindsay here and watch an interview with Miranda here.

"I couldn't think of a nicer thing to win," said Miranda on being told she was a Super Nurse. "I'm very grateful to my patients, employers and the MS Trust for such a lovely award (and a great job)."

"To receive an award initiated by the people under my care is probably the highest honour a nurse could achieve," said Lindsay. "I am so grateful for the lovely feedback and the support of the MS Trust, who work hard to improve the lives of people with MS through information, support and further educational opportunities for nurses."

At the MS Trust we believe that everyone with MS should have access to a specialist nurse, but we are very aware that there are still gaps in the service. If you have had problems getting access to an MS nurse, or have had problems with the service you've received, you should read our blog post.

Although Miranda and Lindsay have been named as overall winners, we'd like to reaffirm that, based on the feedback from this year's campaign, almost all MS specialist nurses are Super Nurses. Congratulations to all of you, and thanks to everyone who has made this year's 'My Super Nurse' such a fantastic success.

Read more about the MS Trust's work to safeguard the future of MS nurses, and why we've focused on fundraising to roll out our innovative tools to help nurses demonstrate the impact of their work.

You can find your nearest MS nurse using our interactive map. How to get in contact varies from nurse to nurse. If there are no direct contact details given, ask your GP or neurologist to refer you. If there are contact details, these will probably be to an answerphone in the first instance. The nurse will reply, but it will probably not be on the same day.