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13 February 2012

In my day to day work I spend a lot of time of Facebook and Twitter, I post news articles and pick up on questions people might have for the MS Trust. I notice a lot of people (including myself) get very confused about drugs that are in development for MS. You see a news item about something like Sativex getting a licence, which will excite a lot of people thinking this entitles them to be able to have the treatment, but when they try to get it, they get turned down as the drug is not yet approved by the NHS. 

09 February 2012

Diet can help people with MS with specific symptoms and help to promote general health and well-being.  Dietitian Anne Payne looks at some of the issues.

09 February 2012

An interesting conversation started on Twitter. How do disabled folks date? The big question was about how to appeal to a potential partner. Kevin Ward sheds some light on the options.

29 November 2011

After disclosing my MS in a pretty unabashed fashion in a national broadsheet (The Independent) last November  I thought I was done with ‘coming out’ about my disease.  Then this summer a BBC researcher got in touch about a series for Radio 4 and wondered whether I’d be interested in telling my story for their series.

Baclofen pump
10 November 2011

Intrathecal baclofen (ITB) is an invasive treatment for spasticity and spasms. It used to be thought of as a last resort but more recently both health professionals and people with MS are realising it can help to keep people mobile and well without the side effects often experienced by oral medications. Dr Val Stevenson discusses the treatment and Carmel Mackey, who uses a baclofen pump, talks about how it has affected her life

06 May 2010

Dr George Gveric writes about the work of the UK Multiple Sclerosis Tissue Bank, which was set up to fulfil wishes of those who wanted to help MS research by donating brain and spinal cord tissue, and to provide a resource for scientists investigating various aspects of MS

01 November 2009

People with MS may face a range of legal problems as a consequence of having multiple sclerosis and it can sometimes be difficult to know whether they have any legal rights they can assert to resolve these problems. This is where the Disability Law Service can come in.

person giving someone flowers
01 May 2007

A diagnosis of MS may affect how you start a new relationship or how you feel about yourself and your relationship with a long-term partner.