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MS- SMART- secondary progressive MS trial starts recruiting

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Researchers have started to recruit 440 people with secondary progressive MS across the UK for a trial that will look at drugs that may limit the progression of MS.

The trial (called MS-SMART) will involve three drugs that are currently licensed for other conditions:

Studying drugs where the safety profile is already known potentially shaves years off the time usually needed to test newly-developed treatments. Previous studies have suggested that these drugs might be neuroprotective - protecting nerves from further damage from MS.

The investigators anticipate that it will take approximately one year to screen and recruit people into the trial. Participants will take one of the drugs or placebo for two years.

The MS Trust is not involved in the recruitment for this study. For further details about the study, visit the MS-Smart website which lists the hospitals involved in the study, more details on taking part and the opportunity to express an interest in participating