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MS in the media

08 February 2019
People holding hands
  • Juggling work and unpaid care
  • Caution when taking more than five different drugs
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01 February 2019
Person looking anxious
  • Anxiety and depression affect cognition
  • First advanced MS champion begins work
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18 January 2019
cells under microscope
  • Stem cells effective in aggressively relapsing MS
  • Benefits of early DMD treatment
  • Guidelines for MS treatment during pregnancy published
  • Mindfulness helps mood and fatigue
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11 January 2019
frost on window
  • Cooling helps with exercise
  • Rituximab and SPMS
  • Ocrevus and arm function in PPMS
  • Plasma cells from gut can turn off brain inflammation
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21 December 2018
  • Relapses more likely in people with food allergies
  • Reducing Ocrevus injection site reactions
  • Fampridine and walking speed
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14 December 2018
  • SMC approves Ocrevus
  • Australian stem cell study
  • Switching interferons increases relapse risk
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30 November 2018
Person contemplating
  • Depression affected by lifestyle factors
  • Gilenya approved for childhood MS
  • Lemtrada warning issued
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23 November 2018
two heads and a brain
  • Cognition affects ability to work
  • Gender differences in diagnosis
  • Rare Gilenya side effect warning
  • Fampyra turned down in Scotland
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16 November 2018
MS nurse with person with multiple sclerosis
  • Heavy caseloads for MS specialist nurses
  • Ocrevus slows progression in upper limbs
  • Parenting with MS
  • Trains and planes and disability
  • Vitamin D recommendation
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09 November 2018
A pregnant woman
  • The effect of pregnancy on MS
  • Ocrevus for PPMS decision paused
  • Coexisting conditions affect atrophy
  • Medical cannabis rule change in Jersey
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07 November 2018

Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills, whose mum has MS, recently presented our BBC Lifeline Appeal.  Here he tells us how his family have adapted to his mum’s MS diagnosis, the importance of speaking out about MS, and why his mum is his biggest inspiration. 

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02 November 2018
Factories polluting the air
  • Medical cannabis rule change
  • Pollution and childhood MS
  • More MS genes found
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19 October 2018
Sun shining through clouds
  • MS-SMART trail unsuccessful
  • People with progressive MS need early support
  • PIP rules protest
  • Is cannabis effective?
  • The role of vitamin D unclear
  • Pregabalin and gabapentin restrictions
  • Statue by sculptor with MS unveiled
  • More MS risk genes identified
  • Gut enzyme potentially linked to MS
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12 October 2018
Cannabis Plant
  • Medicinal cannabis decision
  • Licence application for SPMS drug
  • Depression in MS
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05 October 2018
Stem cells
  • Annual flu vaccination launched in Scotland
  • Stem cell therapy improved fatigue
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28 September 2018
Person holding a cigarette
  • Smoking worsens MS
  • Gilenya for younger people
  • Social networks influence health
  • Ten years of the Risk-sharing Scheme
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14 September 2018
Scientist conducting research
  • Ocrevus turned down for PPMS
  • Ocrevus slows progression
  • Prevalence of benign MS
  • Statins trial starts in SPMS
  • Gilenya effective in childhood MS
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31 August 2018
Woman in green dress sleeping on sofa
  • Ibudilast slows atrophy in progressive MS
  • Sleep affects MS symptoms
  • Tecfidera and Gilenya compared
  • Managing functional illness
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17 August 2018
  • New mum diagnosed with MS
  • Rare genetic changes linked to primary progressive MS
  • Early termination of pregnancy increases risk of relapses
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10 August 2018
  • Congratulations to Trishna Bharadia
  • Smoking and relapses
  • Travelling with disabilities
  • Long delays for neurologist appointments in Northern Ireland
  • Botox for bladder problems
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20 July 2018
Cannabis plant
  • Doctors should be allowed to prescribe medical cannabis
  • Early warning signs of MS
  • Iron levels in brain may predict future disability
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06 July 2018
Air pollution - smoke coming out of factories near river
  • Ocrelizumab not approved for PPMS
  • Solvents, smoking and MS risk
  • Air pollutants not linked to MS
  • Cannabis review finds benefits
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22 June 2018
  • NICE say yes to Ocrevus for RRMS
  • Review of medical cannabis
  • PIP review changes
  • Tysabri in SPMS
  • Stress linked to MS risk
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15 June 2018
Family standing together outdoors
  • School project explores MS
  • Tecfidera and Gilenya compared
  • Ocrevus delays progression
  • Ocrevus in PPMS - new trial announced
  • Obesity and smoking and risk of MS
  • Family support helps
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18 May 2018
  • NICE approves injectable drugs for relapsing MS
  • Gilenya approved for young Americans
  • AAN meeting round up
  • RCN supports medical cannabis
  • Vitamins and dietary supplements
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11 May 2018
Caring holding hands
  • Social care crisis
  • Managing fatigue online
  • Spinal fluid test for risk of progression
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02 May 2018

When Isobel was diagnosed with MS aged just 22, she vowed it would “make me not break me”. Determined to help other young people in a similar situation, she decided to start vlogging about her journey with MS. Over a year later, Izzy’s YouTube channel, Izzy MS (, has thousands of subscribers and her videos have proved an invaluable source of support for people with MS from all over the world. We caught up with Izzy to find out more. 

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20 April 2018
  • Plan to extend personal health budgets
  • Ocrevus (ocrelizumab) a year on
  • Differences in cognition for people with SPMS
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13 April 2018
  • Lemtrada and possible new side effects
  • Tysabri study in SPMS
  • Fighting for housing rights
  • Risk of infections when on DMDs
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06 April 2018
Computer brain training
  • NICE says no to ocrelizumab for RRMS
  • Childbirth pain relief doesn't increase relapse risk
  • Cognitive training helps memory
  • Prescription charge increase
  • Flying with a disability
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29 March 2018
  • Scottish MPs told of neurology recruitment crisis
  • MS nurses criticise cumbersome disability benefits system
  • Fears that funding for independent living may be under threat
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23 March 2018
Stem Cells graphic
  • Stem cell study for people with highly active relapsing MS shows promising results
  • Caroline Wyatt talks about stem cell treatment
  • Siponimod secondary progressive MS results published in Lancet
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16 March 2018
Unhappy couple
  • Calnexin increases number of immune cells crossing blood-brain barrier
  • My wife has MS and is no longer interested in any sexual contact
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09 March 2018
  • Zinbryta withdrawn due to safety fears
  • Sunshine exposure reduces MS risk
  • Paralympian with MS
  • Unsuccessful trial of PPMS drug
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02 March 2018
Oily Fish
  • Oily fish and risk of MS
  • EBV prevalence
  • Deaths associated with neurological conditions
  • Radio play about MS
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23 February 2018
Scientist using microscope
  • Think Hand campaign launched
  • ACTRIMS conference review
  • The work of the MS Brain Bank
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09 February 2018
  • Encouraging stem cell results
  • Tysabri and reducing relapse risk in pregnancy
  • Stigma and depression
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02 February 2018
  • Review of all PIP claims following ruling
  • Balance programme improved symptoms
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26 January 2018
St John's Wort
  • Sativex available in Jersey
  • Drug and herbal remedy interactions
  • Urology clinic in Sheffield
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19 January 2018
Cannabis Plant
  • FDA finds against vitamin D and risk of MS claim
  • Medical cannabis supported by Welsh Assembly
  • Branded vs generic glatiramer study
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12 January 2018
  • First PPMS drug licensed
  • Comparison of disease modifying drugs
  • Paralympic curler with MS
  • Bad living conditions for people with MS in Glasgow
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29 December 2017
Cartoon man holding DNA
  • The effect of MS on work - a teacher's story
  • MS and cancer
  • Chickenpox, shingles and MS
  • Mild cognitive impairment and exercise
  • Stem cell therapy
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22 December 2017
  • NICE recommends restricting choice of MS drugs
  • MS treatment optimism
  • Having MS and other conditions
  • Diagnostic criteria updated
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15 December 2017
Man sitting on tree stump and holding his head
  • Gilenya and Betaferon compared
  • Pain prevalence and treatment
  • Cold water in the mouth helps heat sensitivity
  • Benefit reassessment concerns
  • Review of the year - MS in America
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08 December 2017
Healthy diet
  • Diet may improve MS
  • Laquinimod trial for PPMS unsuccessful
  • Epilepsy and MS
  • Stem cell therapy consensus report
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01 December 2017
T cell
  • Shortage of neurology services
  • Diet affects gut bacteria and modulates immune system
  • Cognitive symptoms in early-stage MS
  • High number of people with MS turned down for PIP
  • Biotin may affect medical tests
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24 November 2017
Stem cells
  • Mark Lewis and stem cells
  • Self-management may help mood
  • CCSVI trial disappointing
  • Why smoking is bad for people with MS
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17 November 2017
Wii console and remote
  • Ocrevus licensed for relapsing and progressive MS
  • Gilenya effective for children with MS
  • Social care failing people with disabilities
  • Wii a useful way to exercise
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09 November 2017
ECTRIMS 2017 - picture of skyline of Paris

Reports of studies presented at the ECTRIMS meeting that took place from 25-28 October 2017.  Topics include research into existing and new drugs for relapsing and progressive MS and lifestyle factors in MS.

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03 November 2017
heart with vital sign in the middle
  • Ibudilast trial show benefit in progressive MS
  • Gilenya effective as treatment for teens with MS
  • Zinbryta liver damage restrictions
  • Having other health conditions delays MS diagnosis
  • The benefits of running for a woman with MS
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13 October 2017
Chips and ketchup dip
  • Fatty diet and relapse risk
  • Clemastine may help repair MS damage
  • The MS symptoms that contribute most to perception of health
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06 October 2017
Salt shaker
  • Salt doesn't cause MS
  • Fatigue treated with small electric current
  • Taxi discrimination challenged
  • Stem cells - the genuine potential and the dodgy clinics
  • MS drugs in Northern Ireland
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29 September 2017
Packets of drugs
  • Disease modifying drugs - early vs escalation trial
  • Moves to reclassify pregabalin and gabapentin
  • Links between cognition and mobility
  • Lemtrada remains effective over five years
  • Fall risk and bladder dysfunction
  • MS disease activity linked to depression and anxiety
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22 September 2017
Person in a wheelchair
  • Stem cell therapy in the UK
  • Falls are common in wheelchair users
  • Cognitive fatigue and incentives
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15 September 2017
cartoon gut and bacteria
  • Vitamin D levels and risk of MS
  • Concussions in adolescence raises MS risk
  • The possible role of bacteria in the gut in MS
  • Stem cell therapy review
  • Cognition in primary progressive MS
  • The benefits of work
  • Care for people in Scotland with a neurological condition
  • Benefits system criticised
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08 September 2017
researcher carrying out research
  • Research into alternative therapies is poor
  • Cladribine (Mavenclad) use over four years
  • Fingolimod in children
  • Perceptions of MS in older people
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01 September 2017
  • Benefits changes affecting people with MS
  • South Korean court sees MS as an occupational disease
  • Glandular fever and risk of MS
  • Self-management suggestions
  • Tecfidera after Tysabri
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25 August 2017
Close-up image of a horse
  • Are we close to a cure?
  • Raising the profile of horse riding for the disabled
  • Cladribine (Mavenclad) gets European licence for highly active relapsing MS
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18 August 2017
Soldiers walking
  • Armed forces at higher risk of dying from MS
  • Sticking with disease modifying drugs
  • Older MS drugs may be linked to increased cancer risk
  • Gut bacteria
  • Cladribine and quality of life
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11 August 2017
Man walking with walking stick
  • Botulinum toxin treatment for spasticity
  • Jamie-Lynn Sigler on walking sticks
  • Addressing gaps in care for people with MS
  • Parenting with a disability
  • Jack Osbourne reflects on five years of living with MS
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27 July 2017
Running track
  • Athlete with MS successful at Para Championship
  • Cannabis as treatment of last resort
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25 July 2017

First Susan in Neighbours, then Nancy in Hollyoaks and now Johnny in Coronation Street: a series of soap characters have been diagnosed with MS. But is this a good way of raising awareness, or an unhelpful misrepresentation? We asked people on social media for their views.

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21 July 2017
  • Access to disease modifying drugs
  • The cost of MS
  • Protecting cognitive reserve
  • Diet and childhood MS
  • Vitamin D and bone health
  • Depression risk factors
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14 July 2017
breastfeeding image
  • EMA restricts use of Zinbryta
  • Kadeena Cox interview
  • Breastfeeding, menstruation and risk of MS
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07 July 2017
Mental health
  • Small study of lipoic acid for SPMS
  • Living with hidden disabilities
  • Types of vitamin D
  • Stem cell tourism
  • Carers' mental health
  • Neurological conditions and mental health services
  • Access to MS treatments in Wales
  • Smell and progressive MS
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30 June 2017
  • Cladribine recommended for European licence
  • Glastonbury in an all-terrain wheelchair
  • YouTube star behind Pixiwoo beauty empire reveals she has MS
  • Enjoying family life
  • TV wedding
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23 June 2017
Smoking cigarette
  • Smoking and progressive MS
  • MRI scans and disability levels
  • Suicide risk measured
  • European vaccine ruling
  • Ocrelizumab and disease activity
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16 June 2017
Swimming pool
  • Carers Week - the challenges of being a carer
  • Zinbryta and possible liver damage
  • Lemtrada side effect explained
  • Water rehabilitation
  • Sodium and MS onset
  • CMSC round up
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09 June 2017
  • Nano-particle treatment being developed
  • Statins and cognition
  • MS storylines in soaps
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02 June 2017
Man and lady talking in coffee shop window
  • Lessons from a walking stick
  • Acne drug delays MS onset
  • Social cognition worse in MS
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26 May 2017
  • Biotin trial planned
  • Ozanimod trial results
  • Gilenya effect on relapses
  • Neurological Alliance manifesto
  • Fampridine granted full licence
  • Case of PML in Ocrevus
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19 May 2017
Scales and measuring tape
  • Safety of beta interferon
  • Children, vitamin D and obesity
  • Weight and MS severity
  • Brain training and cognition
  • Assisted suicide rethink
  • Garden for MS
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12 May 2017
contraceptive tablets
  • Statins for SPMS
  • Laquinimod trial unsuccessful
  • Clues to MS five years before onset
  • Vitamin D and birth month
  • Contraceptive safety in MS
  • Carers and the impact of MS
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08 May 2017
AAN (Academy of American Neurologists) meeting 2017

Reports of studies presented at the American Academy of Neurology meeting that took place from 22-28 April 2017.  Reports include research into disease modifying drugs for relapsing MS and risk factors for MS.

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20 April 2017
DNA double helix
  • Genes and MS risk
  • Tecfidera and NEDA
  • Early warnings of future MS diagnosis revealed in medical history
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13 April 2017
  • Eating and MS
  • Life expectancy measured
  • Vehicle leasing affected by benefit changes
  • Lemtrada and listeria
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31 March 2017
thumbs up
  • Ocrelizumab approved in US for relapsing and progressive MS
  • Kidney and bladder stone risk
  • ADHD in children of women with MS
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24 March 2017
woman looking out of the window
  • Anxiety and the link to depression
  • Anxiety and psychosocial factors
  • Invisible disability toilet signs
  • Trigeminal neuralgia at onset of MS
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17 March 2017
artistic brain image
  • Early treatment with disease modifying drugs
  • Contraceptives and relapses
  • Neurological services declining
  • Access to neurologists
  • Myelin repair research
  • Caroline Wyatt and stem cell therapy
  • Daclizumab (Zinbryta) approved in England and Wales
  • Delayed acceptance of NICE approved drugs
  • Prescription charge rises
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10 March 2017
  • Surgery to open up narrowed veins not effective in MS 
  • Kadeena Cox on MS
  • Runner with MS sets herself 1000km challenge
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03 March 2017
  • Caroline Wyatt and stem cell therapy
  • MS and dementia
  • Progression risk factors
  • Horses as therapy
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24 February 2017
mobility scooter driving away
  • Stem cell study shows long-term benefits and risks
  • Cognition and electrical stimulation
  • Benefit changes
  • Access to Motability vehicles
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17 February 2017
  • Disease modifying drugs and clinically isolated syndrome
  • Fampridine response changes over time
  • Disability assistance at airports lacking
  • Disease modifying drugs compared
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10 February 2017
doctor measuring the waist of a patient cartoon
  • Obesity and early puberty as MS risk factors
  • Cladribine and atrophy
  • Blood test for MS type
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03 February 2017
Smiley faces depicting different emotions
  • Disease modifying drug comparison analysis
  • The long-term effects of disease modifying drugs
  • Uveitis and MS
  • Anxiety and cognition
  • Stem cell therapy five year results
  • Computer based cognitive rehab
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20 January 2017
Happy man
  • Coping better with long-term conditions
  • Hollyoaks MS storyline
  • Tysabri and PML
  • Genes and risk of MS in families
  • Relapse risk when switching from Gilenya to Lemtrada
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13 January 2017
vegetable basket
  • Mixed results for cyclophosphamide in SPMS
  • MS on TV
  • Paleo diet trial results
  • Review of evidence for cannabis
  • Review of research in 2016
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06 January 2017
  • New Year's honours for people with MS
  • Lifestyle impact on MS
  • Living near busy roads
  • Magnetic stimulation and brain activity
  • Gilenya (fingolimod) in Wales
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23 December 2016
the world
  • Falls and bladder problems
  • The World vs MS
  • Tysabri concentrations and PML
  • Ocrelizumab trial results published
  • Breath test for diagnosis
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09 December 2016
racing car
  • Copaxone and pregnancy recommendations changed
  • Racing driver with MS
  • Disease modifying treatment in more advanced stage MS
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02 December 2016
hard boiled eggs on avacado toast
  • Sports Personality of the Year shortlist published
  • Vitamin D and MS risk
  • What stem cell research says about progressive MS
  • Researching diet and MS
  • Emerging treatments for progressive MS
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18 November 2016
ballet dancer on point
  • Course of later onset MS
  • Effect of fatigue and depression on sex
  • Ballet for ataxia
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11 November 2016
person stretching their leg before exercise
  • Use of dietary approaches to manage MS
  • Brain tissue ratios and prognosis
  • Exercise is valuable for people with more advanced MS
  • Development of progressive MS research
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04 November 2016
breast cancer awareness
  • Work capability assessment to be reviewed
  • Rituximab
  • MS and breast cancer
  • Fampridine
  • Living up north could speed up onset of MS
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28 October 2016
abstract nerve fibres
  • ECTRIMS video highlights
  • MS in the modern treatment era
  • Biotin study results
  • Nerves that affect postural control
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21 October 2016
family smiling on a beach
  • SNP backs decriminalising cannabis for medical use
  • More MS nurses needed in West Yorkshire
  • Tysabri (natalizumab) reduces depression in MS
  • MS Society survey finds "disturbing levels" of workplace bullying
  • Importance of family
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14 October 2016
  • How people with MS feel about risk
  • Stress and onset of symptoms
  • Lemtrada (alemtuzumab) and disability improvement
  • Stress incontinence in women with MS
  • Factors indicating how MS may develop
  • Low dose naltrexone safety study
  • Intimate relations
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07 October 2016
man sitting down and looking at the sea
  • ESA re-assessments
  • NICE turns down daclizumab
  • Mindfulness helps with coping
  • Tysabri vs Gilenya comparison
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23 September 2016
man holding his own hand
  • MS at the Paralympics
  • Gene research for progressive MS questioned
  • Natural history of people on disease modifying drugs
  • MPs support call for medical cannabis
  • Film about footballer with MS released on DVD
  • Older people with MS
  • Ageing with MS
  • Progressive MS research funding
  • Guidelines on more than one long-term condition
  • ECTRIMS round up
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23 September 2016
ECTRIMS 2016 - picture of Tower Bridge in London

Reports of studies presented at the ECTRIMS meeting that took place from 14-17 September 2016.  Reports include research into disease modifying drugs for relapsing and progressive MS, stem cells and lifestyle factors in MS.

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09 September 2016
adult sitting alone
  • How heat affects people with MS
  • Paralympians with MS
  • Negative attitudes to people with MS
  • Tamoxifen may help myelin repair
  • Genes don't suggest course of MS
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02 September 2016
person holding a camera
  • The effect of childhood MS on parents
  • Review of the medical understanding of childhood MS
  • Explaining MS
  • Please offer me a seat
  • How lifestyle factors affect MS
  • Photography project focuses on MS
  • Low white blood cell count and MS
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26 August 2016
  • Genes and vitamin D
  • Siponimod trial in secondary progressive MS
  • Amiselimod trial results
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19 August 2016
blood pressure monitor
  • Wales lagging behind in access to treatment
  • High blood pressure may be associated with MS progression
  • Neurological Alliance report on neurology and primary care
  • Benefits changes and eligibility for Motability
  • Camping with MS
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12 August 2016
patient in bed getting treated
  • Using mobility scooter for days out
  • New technique for stem cell transplants
  • Benefits of early treatment
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05 August 2016
  • Gut microbes and MS
  • Financial, personal and work related impact of MS
  • Relapses following second or subsequent pregnancies
  • TENS for MS spasticity
  • Poetry and MS
  • Assistance dog
  • Coping with life's changes
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29 July 2016
Piggy bank
  • Disease modifying drugs may help people with "benign" MS
  • Stephanie Millward talks about the impact of MS
  • Stem cells
  • Anecdotal success and research evidence
  • Financial management with MS
  • Communicating prognosis
  • Disabled dressage rider asked to pay extra for using additional equipment
  • Study highlights progressive decline for people with MS


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22 July 2016
magician causing cards to hover
  • Developing drugs for progressive MS
  • Magician on living with MS
  • Vitamin D recommendation for general population
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08 July 2016
tape measure
  • Overweight people more likely to develop MS
  • Gut bacteria differ in people with MS
  • Integrated care transforms lives of disabled people
  • Lifestyle based approach to MS
  • Zinbryta (daclizumab) licensed
  • Effect of MS on carers
  • Cause of depression as MS symptom
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24 June 2016
  • Commissioning community services
  • Progressive MS Alliance meeting
  • New genes associated with MS
  • Caroline Wyatt on her diagnosis
  • Rituximab
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17 June 2016
girl sleeping in bed
  • Awareness of MS
  • Sleep and cognition
  • People affected by MS - Caroline Wyatt
  • People affected by MS - Stephanie Millward
  • Cerebral microbleeds
  • Vitamin D
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10 June 2016
elderly couple holding hands
  • Older people with MS
  • Opicinumab (anti-lingo-1) trail disappointing
  • Stem cell trial shows long-term benefits
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07 June 2016
Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers MS in the media

Reports of studies presented at the CMSC (Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers) meeting that took place from 1-4 June 2016.  Reports include research into  drugs for MS, better understanding of symptoms and lifestyle factors.

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03 June 2016
golfing in the sunset
  • Fasting-mimicking diet studied
  • More proactive care for sexual dysfunction encouraged
  • Golfer with MS
  • Gene linked to rare form of MS
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27 May 2016
man working at his desk
  • Vitamin D in Orkney
  • The effect of MS on employment
  • Invisible symptoms of MS
  • Young carers blog
  • Fasting-mimicking diet
  • A bicycle with MS
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20 May 2016
virus particles
  • Neurological Alliance unhappy with government response to report
  • Relapses and disease modifying drugs
  • Progressive MS treatments review
  • Vitamin D levels in Orkney
  • Gut bacteria in children with MS
  • Viruses and onset of MS
  • Pregabalin and birth defects
  • Inequalities in multiple sclerosis care
  • Potential treatment for PML
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13 May 2016
healthy food
  • Long-term use of disease modifying drugs
  • Symptoms during relapses and progression
  • The potential of ocrelizumab
  • AAN meeting round up
  • Diet and inflammation in the brain
  • Cancer risk and MS
  • Mitoxantrone and cancer risk
  • Carers and the Care Act
  • Palliative care services patchy
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06 May 2016
  • Zinbryta (daclizumab) nears approval in Europe
  • Ocrelizumab and progressive MS
  • Too much sitting is bad for you
  • Yoga or aquatic exercise help MS symptoms
  • CCSVI symptoms not unique to MS
  • Gilenya (fingolimod) rebound risk
  • Suicide rates higher in MS
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29 April 2016
girl using smartphone
  • Engaging with MS services
  • Vitamin D review
  • Tysabri and progression study
  • Review of current research
  • Monitoring MS with mobile devices
  • MS affects moral cognition
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22 April 2016
American Academy of Neurology (AAN)

Reports of studies presented at the American Academy of Neurology meeting that took place from 15-21 April 2016.  Reports include researchinto disease modifying drugs for relapsing MS, approaches to repair of nerves and risk factors for MS.

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15 April 2016
  • Medical cannabis arguments
  • MS Therapy Centre visit
  • The interaction of pain, depression and fatigue
  • MS. A song cycle
  • Small trial hints at possibility of nerve repair
  • Identifying factors that increase MS risk
  • Footballer with MS
  • Punching sharks on the nose
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08 April 2016
  • DMDs and brain atrophy
  • Do Paralympians encourage or deter exercise?
  • Beta interferon in children
  • Myelitis and MS
  • Most PIP appeals are successful
  • Switching to rituximab or Gilenya from Tysabri
  • The effect of other health conditions
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01 April 2016
thumbs up
  • Rosacea and MS risk
  • Finding new life in wheelchair tennis
  • Holidaymakers needed
  • MS in families studied
  • Finding positives
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24 March 2016
  • World Congress on Controversies in Neurology (CONy)
  • Benefit changes withdrawn
  • Gadolinium safety review
  • Ibudilast fast track status
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18 March 2016
image of a calculator next to a notepad
  • The Budget and benefit changes
  • Beta interferon and pregnancy
  • Review of ACTRIMS neurology conference
  • MS in East London
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11 March 2016
pregnant woman
  • Vitamin D in pregnancy
  • More than one autoimmune condition and progression risk
  • Small study of antidiabetic drugs
  • Brain training may improve thinking
  • Athlete with MS
  • MS and other health conditions


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04 March 2016
cup of coffee
  • Recommendations for Tysabri and PML
  • Neurological services in Scotland
  • Pregnancy and risk of progression
  • Virtual reality and balance
  • Rituximab trial unsuccessful for SPMS
  • Coffee and risk of MS
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26 February 2016
person rowing close up
  • Rowing from home
  • Delays in MS services
  • Lessons for fingolimod for progressive MS trial
  • Neurological services criticised
  • Medicinal cannabis campaign
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19 February 2016
cartoon holding magnifying glass
  • EMA guidance on PML
  • Ocrelizumab approval process in the US
  • Ozanimod trial results
  • Disease modifying drugs and progression
  • Investigating the effect of other conditions on MS
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12 February 2016
pile of cigarettes
  • Vitamin D and onset of MS
  • Measuring disease activity
  • Gender differences in MS
  • Trial to predict how MS will develop
  • Woman with MS on bed blocking
  • Sense of taste
  • Smoking and nicotine
  • Christian Jessen's MS connection
  • Campaign launched to legalise medicinal cannabis
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05 February 2016
  • Fingolimod for PPMS trial unsuccessful
  • Arthritis treatment and MS risk
  • The difficulty of claiming benefits
  • Step training study
  • Company pulls out of female hormone treatment
  • Work and MS
  • Tysabri v fingolimod
  • Indicators of risk of primary progressive MS
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29 January 2016
young girl
  • Phenytoin trial results
  • Risk of relapse when switching treatment
  • Stem cell therapy review
  • Tysabri and risk of PML
  • Young carer
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22 January 2016
  • Stem cells therapy on Panorama
  • Respite services in Edinburgh
  • The potential of stem cells
  • Oestrogen supplement trial results
  • Consultation on further changes to benefits
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31 December 2015
person operating laptop
  • NHS choir
  • Fampridine and walking speed
  • Work and MS symptoms
  • Talking to children about MS
  • Vitamin D study
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24 December 2015
adult brainstorm
  • Success rate in MS drug trials
  • Review of the year
  • Biggest 'game changer' of 2015
  • Care home ratings
  • Stem cell therapy
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18 December 2015
Brain cells
  • Brain cell death and nanoparticles
  • Making the most of your life with MS in 2016 and beyond
  • Sense of smell
  • Woman dies after ruling to stop feeding
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11 December 2015
  • Vitamin D and myelin production
  • Rehabilitation research reviewed
  • John Kurtzke
  • National MS Society review of research 2015
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04 December 2015
  • Songs about MS
  • Oestrogen supplement trial results
  • Biotin and optic neuritis
  • Coping with Christmas
  • Disability and society
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26 November 2015
Artist painting
  • Social care crisis
  • Artists with MS
  • Spending Review
  • Reporting medically unfit drivers
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20 November 2015
  • Tecfidera and PML
  • Chocolate and fatigue
  • The impact of benefit changes
  • End of life judgement
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13 November 2015
  • Drug repurposing bill runs out of time
  • Diet and MS - Association of UK Dietitians policy statement
  • Vitamin D and atrophy
  • Cancer drug fund in Wales
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30 October 2015
Measuring fitness

24-30 October 2015

  • EMA guidance on Tecfidera
  • People affected by MS - Dave Myers
  • Photographs of MS
  • HIV drug for MS
  • Accurately measuring fitness
  • Drug repurposing bill
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23 October 2015
image of money
  • Tysabri trial for SPMS is negative
  • ECTRIMS round up
  • The cost of MS
  • Athlete with MS
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15 October 2015
cartoon image of a brain
  • ECTRIMS reports
  • Aubagio and brain tissue loss
  • Generic version of glatiramer acetate is effective
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09 October 2015
Man holding unhappy sign in front of his face
  • Ocrelizumab effective in all types of MS
  • Daclizumab study results
  • Gilenya (fingolimod) long-term benefits
  • Aubagio (teriflunomide) real world study
  • Sativex in clinical practice
  • Stopping smoking reduces brain atrophy
  • Suicide and self harm risks higher in MS
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08 October 2015
  • Tecfidera (dimethyl fumarate) follow up
  • Lemtrada (alemtuzumab) five year follow up
  • Tysabri (natalizumab) longer dosing
  • Gilenya (fingolimod) shows no benefit in primary progressive MS
  • Vitamin D levels and race
  • Sun exposure and low weight delay MS onset
  • Stem cell communication
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07 October 2015
  • Woman of the Year award for woman with MS
  • Aubagio and atrophy
  • New MS centre in Stoke
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30 September 2015
Man running next to mountain and sea view
  • Early treatment urged for relapsing MS
  • Dalfampridine for vision
  • Living with MS
  • Athlete with MS
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25 September 2015
Olympic rings
  • Olympic hopeful with MS
  • Potential PML vaccine being developed
  • Measuring progression in trials
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23 September 2015
Lady standing away from camera with her arms stretched
  • NICE social care guidelines published
  • New progressive MS research grants
  • Disease modifying drugs review
  • What affects quality of life in MS?
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04 March 2015

We’re delighted that Sheffield-based singer-organist John Shuttleworth is hosting a special performance in aid of the MS Trust at the London Palladium on 28 June, with special guests Chas and Dave, Toyah, Martyn Ware, Gordon Giltrap, and others to be announced. John very kindly took some time out from his busy schedule to answer a few of our questions.

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