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MS in the Media - 16 March 2018

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10 - 16 March 2018

These are links to news stories from the last week that may be of interest to people in the UK. The link beneath each item will take you to the original story.

Please note that the MS Trust did not write the original items and does not endorse their content nor any claims made in them.

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Calnexin increases number of immune cells crossing blood-brain barrier

Researchers in Canada have reported that brain tissue from people with MS contains high levels of a protein called calnexin. Mice lacking calnexin were found to be completely resistant to developing the mouse model of MS (EAE). The blood-brain barrier limits the number of immune cells crossing from the blood into brain tissue; it is thought that calnexin makes it easier for cells to cross this barrier into brain tissue. The researchers plan to examine in detail how calnexin affects the blood-brain barrier with a view to identifying a new target for MS therapies.

Source: Science Daily
Source: Multiple Sclerosis News Today
Source: Medical News Today

MS Trust link: Blood-brain barrier 

My wife has MS and is no longer interested in any sexual contact

Psychologist Pamela Stephenson Connolly responds to a letter from a reader whose wife has MS and has lost interest in any sexual contact. Physical and psychological reasons for loss of interest are covered and possible solutions discussed.

Source: Guardian

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MS Trust link: Sexual problems for men with MS

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