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MS research update - Improving relapse care - 26 April 2012

This study compared the experiences of people being treated for a relapse either as part of a clinical trial or within the standard out-patient service.

Both groups received identical treatment - intravenous infusion of steroid (methylprednisolone) for three days. The two groups completed questionnaires to measure their experience of treatment, answering questions under four headings: interpersonal care, access to care, information and coordination of care.

Interpersonal care was significantly worse in the out-patient group, implying that a clinical trial in some way provided a setting that improved this aspect of relapse management.

The researchers suggest that this may be a result of the study design, of the care given or changes in behaviour of patients and/or health professionals while taking part in the study. They recommend incorporating elements of structured clinical trials into routine practice in order to provide a more person-centred service for the treatment of relapses.

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Research by topic areas...


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Symptoms and symptom management

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Disease modifying treatments

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Drugs in development

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Daclizumab for relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis.
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Other treatments

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Co-existing conditions

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Assessment tools

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free full paper

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Causes of MS

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Vitamin D

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free full paper

Paediatric MS

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Other demyelinating conditions

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Provision of care

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