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Supporting people with MS

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Supporting you

The MS Trust is a UK charity that believes that no one should have to manage MS alone. We produce MS information you can trust and support the MS health professionals you need​.

Our information team produces practical, evidence based information so you can:

  • Make choices that are right for you
  • Decide how best to deal with your health
  • Have better informed discussions with your health professionals.

Other ways to get in touch and contact us.

Read more about how our information team can help support you.

Our enquiry service

Whether you have recently been diagnosed or want to know more about a symptom you are experiencing, our enquiry service is here to help.

Our service is confidential and if we can’t find the answer, we can direct you to someone who can. You can get in touch with us in whatever way suits you best:

Call us for free on: 0800 032 3839
Email us: 
Write to: MS Trust Information Team, Spirella Building, Bridge Road, Letchworth Garden City, SG6 4ET

Trusted information

At the MS Trust we believe in providing the best help and support so you can take control of your MS. We produce practical, evidence based information that is clear and helpful.

Our booklets and online resources are written by our team of experienced information professionals and cover every aspect of MS, from A-Z.

We are accredited by the Information Standard, so when you pick up one of our booklets or consult our website, you can be sure it’s information you can trust.

All our information is free, online or direct to your door. We produce a range of free resources for everyone affected by MS:

  • Books - on a variety of topics including living with MS, symptom management and information for families
  • Open Door - a free, quarterly newsletter for people with multiple sclerosis, their family and friends and supporters of the MS Trust
  • A-Z of MS - contains a wide range of information about multiple sclerosis including its symptoms and treatments, the health professionals involved in management of the condition and aspects of living with MS.
  • Exercise DVD - to help you stay active whilst living with MS. 

MS nurses

We think that MS specialist nurses and other specialist health professionals are crucial to helping you deal with your diagnosis, consider your treatment options and adjust to living well with MS.

Since 2000 we’ve provided the foundation training for every new MS specialist nurse in the UK. We’re continually campaigning to make sure everyone with MS has a specialist nurse and a strong multidisciplinary team of therapists to support them.

We’re now working with the NHS to fund new MS specialist nurses in areas that need them most.

Supporting specialist services

The MS Trust is committed to supporting and developing MS specialist services in the UK because we believe that this will result in the best care for people living with MS.

Access to specialist services, and in particular MS nurses, is essential if people living with MS are to receive the full range of support they might need.

We work hard to produce evidence to identify what is required and demonstrate the value of specialist services.

Once services are in place, we provide specialist education and continuing professional development for health and social care professionals to ensure high quality services are maintained. Many people assume that this will be provided by the NHS. Sadly it is not, which is why the MS Trust’s education programme is a vital factor in building MS specialist services in the UK.

The MS Trust has long campaigned to increase the number of MS nurses in the UK, but there are still not enough.

Worse still, some existing MS nurses are at risk. The MS Trust’s MS Nurse Support Programme plays a crucial role in protecting and developing these specialists. We offer one to one mentoring, advocacy to specialists facing reviews of their services and a range of tools to help them audit their own services and to demonstrate their own value.

Keeping MS Specialists informed

Because MS is a complex, lifelong and unpredictable condition, we believe that people with MS need access to a full team of MS specialists, from neurologists and nurses to physiotherapists and occupational therapists, to a whole range of other health professionals.

We support MS teams with our award-winning, evidence-based information resources, by offering regular training opportunities and by running the biggest annual conference for MS health professionals in the UK.

This ensures that your MS team stays up to date with all the latest developments in the world of MS, can share best practice and can provide the very best service for you.

We also support MS teams to show the difference they make for people with MS. This can make a big difference in making sure they can continue to provide their service at a time when the NHS is coming under increasing pressure.

We can also help them respond to the challenges facing services and look at new and effective ways of providing the best possible care to everyone affected by MS.

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*Any personal information will not be followed up or be given to third parties.
*Any personal information will not be followed up or be given to third parties.
*Any personal information will not be followed up or be given to third parties.
*Any personal information will not be followed up or be given to third parties.
*Any personal information will not be followed up or be given to third parties.

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