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What we do to influence health policy

We focus our influencing work on national health policies which affect people living with MS and the health professionals who support them.

We work on a range of policy issues which affect people living with MS. These include:

 We want every person with MS to:

  • Have access to reliable, independent and personalised information to help make the choices that are right for them
  • Be cared for by  a multi-disciplinary team of trained health care professionals with expertise in managing MS, including an MS specialist nurse
  • Be equal partners with professionals in making choices about their health care
  • Be confident in managing their own health, and to be supported to do this through access to high quality self-management programmes and services.

We work in a number of different ways to influence health policy and achieve these goals:

  • We conduct research to build the evidence base about MS services and the issues that are important to people living with MS
  • We respond to consultations and calls for evidence
  • We build relationships and meet with the people who make and influence health policy to raise key issues and share our expertise
  • We work collaboratively with other organisations to push for change
  • We share our learning through publishing reports, journal papers, and speaking at conferences
  • We provide politicians, NHS managers and commissioners with evidence about the value of specialist services
  • We work with healthcare professionals to help local services improve, and to defend services under threat

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