The MS Trust produces reliable information on a condition that had me scared out of my wits at the start! By helping them you help any number of people like me who are diagnosed with MS and don't know where to turn.


Meet our team

Our information service provides free information for everyone affected by MS, giving them support to take more control of their MS.

We are also committed to supporting and developing MS specialist services in the UK to help provide the best care for people living with MS.

All of our information is free, thanks to the support of people like you.

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What we do

The MS Trust is dedicated to making life better today for people with MS. We produce MS information you can trust and support the MS specialist health professionals you need. 

Our booklets and online resources are written by our team of experienced information professionals and cover every aspect of MS, from A-Z.

We think that MS specialist nurses and other specialist health professionals are crucial to helping you deal with your diagnosis, consider your treatment options and adjust to living well with MS. We’re now working with the NHS to fund new MS specialist nurses in areas that need them most.

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Where we came from

Most charities are born out of the conviction of individuals and a frustration at a particular need not being met. The MS Trust is no exception. The two individuals concerned were Jill Holt and Chris Jones. They had been involved in the MS world for some years through another charity, raising funds for MS research through selling Christmas cards.

It just goes to show that, no matter how small the beginnings, you should never think you can't make a difference!

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How you can help us

It's only thanks to the support from people like you that we can continue to provide practical, evidence based information for everyone affected by MS. By donating, fundraising or leaving a gift in your will, you can help us continue providing information free to everyone who needs it. 

Thank you for helping us to make a difference.

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Influencing health policy

The MS Trust is dedicated to supporting people living with MS now. We provide the information you trust and support the health professionals you need.  

Influencing health policy