We already support and train all the MS nurses in the country. Now we’re funding them too.

In 2016, we launched a major new programme to fund new specialist MS nurses, to ensure that everyone in the UK with MS has access to one. The MS Trust already supports and trains all the MS nurses in the country and we will continue to do so to help ensure that MS care is the best it can be. But until there are more MS nurses in post, people with MS will still be missing out on the specialist care they need.

An MS nurse can make a world of difference for someone living with MS, but our research revealed that 2 in 3 people with MS – around 68,000 people – live in an area where there simply aren't enough. MS nurse services are coming under increasing pressure as a result and all too often people with MS are being left to struggle on alone.

Funding MS nurses where they are needed most

In the first phase of our nurse funding programme we have agreed to fund two new MS nurses in areas where they are very desperately needed. But this is just the start.

We estimate that at least 58 new MS nurses are needed in total, which is a huge project for a charity of our size. We receive no government funding towards our work, but with the help of our supporters we can make a life-changing difference for thousands of people with MS.

So please, if you can, make a donation today to support a new MS nurse. You have the power to make all this possible and ensure that no one is left to face MS alone.

Donate to make sure no one has to manage MS alone

Thank you for your support. #no1alone