We believe that everyone with MS in the UK should have access to MS specialists - MS nurses in particular - regardless of where they live, or the type of MS they have. As part of our commitment to making this a reality, we will be working with NHS organisations to improve access to MS specialist nurses for people with MS and support overall MS service improvement.

The specialist nurse funding programme will offer a package of support to participating MS teams which includes: 

  • Initial (15 month) funding for a permanent MS specialist nurse post  

  • Accredited training (through the MS Trust's Specialist Nurse Development module) and mentorship for the post-holder  

  • Participation by the post-holder and the wider MS team in the MS Trust’s highly regarded GEMSS programme 

Following a tailored expression of interest process, the MS Trust invited five teams to apply for the programme. These teams were selected because our recent mapping work undertaken as part of our MS Forward View project highlighted that they serve areas which fall into the lowest quintile of MS specialist nurse provision in the UK, with caseloads far in excess of the sustainable level.  

As we come to the end of 2016, the MS Trust has selected three organisations to work with to potentially involve in first round of the programme. The pilot year for the project will commence in January 2017.  

We will be publishing further news about the programme and opportunities to take part in future over time. 

In September, we launched a campaign to raise funds and awareness about the growing issue of accessibility of MS services in the UK. Read more about how you can support our work. 
Please contact gemss@mstrust.org.uk if you have any queries.