The original impetus for GEMSS was our 2012 report Defining the value of MS Specialist Nurses. This report identified that MS specialist nurses (MSSNs) are highly valued by people with MS, but that there was little robust published evidence about their value and effectiveness.  MS specialist nurses were not routinely evaluating their services due to a lack of time, skills and tools to do so 

In 2012 we launched the GEMSS programme and began working with MS specialist nurses to co-develop an evaluation framework and a set of tools and metrics for MSSN services. The aims are to build the skills and capabilities of the nurses whilst developing a culture of continuous improvement in the services evaluated.

The GEMSS work has now expanded beyond MS specialist nurses and you can read more in the following pages. 

The overall final report of this work was published in November 2015.  Download the full report or the Executive Summary.

The GEMSS I and II Evaluation Projects

Over 2012/13 and 2014/15 we worked with sixteen MS specialist teams with a combined caseload of over 15,000 people with MS to evaluate their services.

The GEMSS I and II Evaluation Projects

MS Forward View

Building on the work undertaken in the GEMSS programme, the MS Trust has launched an innovative one-year project to look at how MS services can provide greater access to care, making best use of current resources and skills, and measure equity of access to services for everyone with a diagnosis of MS.

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Capacity planning and writing a business case

On this page, MS health professionals can learn about evaluating and optimising current capacity and write an effective business case, for instance for service development or design. We’ve included advice on planning your capacity, our capacity planning tool and guidance from our guide to writing a strong business case. 

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