This report is about the value of multiple sclerosis specialist nurses. It is intended for all members of the MS community, including MS patient organisations, those responsible for managing and commissioning MS services, neurologists and specialist nurses themselves. It assesses the case for the value of MS nursing and outlines the work needed to strengthen this case further.

Download Defining the value of MS Specialist Nurses (PDF 849Kb) or order online

It is often difficult to define the role of the specialist and set out how the specialist is both cost effective and yet meet the quality agenda. This new portfolio of resources will help you to set out the evidence you need.

All of the tools are Adobe reader files, available for you to download and utilise.


Defining the value of the MS Specialist nurse presentation (PDF 107Kb)

A presentation put together to help you define your role as an MS Specialist nurse.

Presenting your specialist service (PDF 88Kb)

Key points to help you present your specialist service.

Caseload sample (PDF 86Kb)

An example of the recommended MS nurse caseload and how it can match the capacity of a 1WTE MS nurse.

MS Specialist nurse survey (PDF 241Kb)

MSSN Survey - covering results, themes and much more.

Summary from listening exercise (PDF 98Kb)

What might the reforms to the Health Bill following the "listening exercise" mean to MS Specialist nurses?

QUIPP and MS Specialists (PDF 64Kb)

Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention

Cost saving table (PDF 103Kb)

How MS nurses can achieve cost savings and for whom.

Economic model (PDF 91Kb)

What would an economic model for an MS nurse service look like?

Sample economic model (PDF 89Kb)

An economic model for an MS nurse service.