Do you want to understand the experience of your service users?

The MS Trust offers all UK MS nurse and therapist teams the chance to use this survey through a free service whereby we take away most of the work involved.  By taking part, you will receive a valuable presentation giving evidence of the benefits of your service to patients along with service users’ experiences and suggestions for improvement.

If you want to take part, after obtaining local permission from your Trust or Health Board (a process which most teams have found very straightforward), you will need to identify a sample of patients from your caseload and post the surveys out to them (so that no patient identifiable information is shared outside your service).   We then do all the data entry and analysis for you. 

The service includes:

  • Use of the GEMSS patient survey tool (you can download a sample below), branded with your service logo.  You can add (a limited number of) additional local questions.
  • Advice on how to identify and reach a representative sample of patients on your caseload with the survey and what sample size is needed.
  • A free supply of stamped addressed envelopes (SAEs) for service users to send their survey forms back to the MS Trust for compilation.
  • Use of a Survey Monkey site dedicated to your MS Service's survey for users who prefer to complete the survey online.
  • Data entry of all the (anonymous) results from completed surveys here at the MS Trust.
  • A report of your MS service's results in user-friendly PowerPoint form ready for you to share as you wish.
  • Access to the results electronically for further analysis.
  • A feedback session with an MS Trust GEMSS facilitator to offer perspective from others' survey results, and a discussion about action which might follow to improve and develop your service.

For more information about the survey service, please contact the GEMSS team at

Download a copy of the MS specialist nurse version of the questionnaire, for illustrative purposes only (reviewed and updated February 2017)

Download a copy of the therapy version of the questionnaire, for illustrative purposes only

Download a sample (fictional) presentation showing how your results will be presented back to you if you take part