Clinical guidelines

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NICE Quality Standard: Multiple Sclerosis [QS108] (January 2016) This quality standard covers the diagnosis and management of MS in adults, consisting of a set of specific and measurable statements and drawing on previous guidance.

Association of British Neurologists: revised (2015) guidelines for prescribing disease-modifying treatments in multiple sclerosis

This 2015 revised guideline replaces former versions and represents a consensus by British Neurologists on the use of all approved disease modifying treatments for MS in the UK.

Nice Guideline on MS (2014)

This guideline replaces the former clinical guideline 8 published in 2003.  It defines the standards of MS care for the NHS in England.  An accompanying Quality Standard will be published in early 2016. 

NHS England Clinical Commissioning Policy: Disease Modifying Therapies (2014)
for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

In this document, NHS England set out the criteria for NHS funding of DMT treatment  in England.  

Quality Improvement Scotland Neurological Health Services Clinical Standards (2009)

This document lays out the quality standards to be met by neurological services across Scotland, including those for MS. 

National Service Framework for Long Term Neurological Conditions (2005)

Although no longer current, the NSF was an influential ten year plan for improving neurological services in the NHS. 


Briefings and reports

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My MS My Needs: Is access to treatment still a lottery? (September 2016)

A report by the MS Society based on the results of the My MS My Needs survey they conducted, which received over 11,000 responses. This is the largest collection of patient-reported data from the UK MS community to date.
Transforming Community Neurology: What commissioners need to know (June 2016) A guide produced by the Thames Valley Strategic Clinical Network to encourage the adoption of community-based care models to improve the quality of life for people with long-term neurological conditions. 
Measuring the burden of hospitalisation in multiple sclerosis (2015) A new report published in November 2015, “Measuring the burden of hospitalisation in multiple sclerosis: A cross-sectional analysis of the English Hospital Episode Statistics database 2009-2014”. This new disease insight report has been jointly written by NHiS Commissioning Excellence and the MS Trust to highlight how better, more cost effective services can be delivered for people with MS.
Brain Health: time matters in multiple sclerosis (2015) The Brain Health report presents consensus recommendations on diagnosis, therapeutic strategies and improving access to treatment in MS.
Five Year Forward View, NHS England (2014)

The NHS Five Year Forward View sets out a shared vision for the future of the NHS based around new models of care.

National audit of services for people with Multiple Sclerosis

Audits were carried out in 2008 and 2011 by the Royal College of Physicians and the MS Trust. 

Physiotherapy works: evidence briefing (2011)

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy summary of evidence for physiotherapy

Evaluation of MS Specialist Nurses (2001) 

In this early study, Dr Jane Johnson and colleagues at South Bank University evaluated the impact of two of the first MS specialist nurse posts and found evidence of reduced hospital admissions


Other websites

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Strategic Clinical Networks

MS is covered by the 12 Strategic Clinical Networks across England covering Mental Health, Dementia and Neurological Conditions which exist to improve quality and link clinicians together.  

Sustainability and Transformation Plans NHS planning guidance for 16/17-20/21 to help ensure that health and social care services are built around the needs of local populations. To do this, every health and care system in England will produce a multi-year Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP), showing how local services will evolve and deliver the Five Year Forward View.
Apollo Nursing Resource

This website has been developed by Ulster University and brings together numerous resources providing evidence for the value of specialist nurses. 

Capturing the impact of Nurse Consultants 

Developed by Sheffield Hallam University and the Burdett Trust, this website has a useful toolkit on identifying and measuring outcomes

Specialist neuro-rehabilitation service standards: providing for patients with complex rehabilitation needs Service standards created by the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine for specialist neuro-rehabilitation services.