The way that relapse services are configured varies widely across the UK. Some services are based in specialist MS centres, others in the community; some cover very urban areas whist others have a very rural geography – each has their own challenges. Most services deliver care using a combination of telephone and clinic appointments. The eight steps have been written in such a way that they can be applied to any MS service.

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Downloadable materials

The following materials have been contributed by, or based on, resources used in practice by MS teams around the UK who kindly contributed them to the project. You are welcome to download and adapt them for local use.

Relapse information for GPs Text which could be used to create a letter or leaflet to ask a GP to prescribe steroids
Information on steroids for people with MS Text which could be used in a local leaflet or information sheet for people with MS who have been prescribed steroids
Fold out card for people with MS An example of a fold-out credit card style information resource developed by Natalie Thomspon and Emily Whisker, MSSNs, for people with MS to keep handy. An editable version for health professionals who wish to use this card and tailor it to their own service is available to download here. (NB. The contact details for the service (on the final page) and NHS Trust logo will need to be personalised.)

Resources to signpost people with MS to

Symtrac An app to enable people with MS to track their symptoms, including potential relapses
MS Trust relapse information Our A-Z entry on relapse for people with MS
MS Trust symptom diary information Our A-Z entry on keeping a symptom diary and how this can help

Useful links to practice development resources

MS specialist nurse PROfessional: an on line training resource

BMJ Learning Module on Relapse in MS (BMJ subscription needed)