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Way Ahead Volume 11 Part 4 (October 2007)

There is currently no pdf available for this issue of Way Ahead. Please contact if you would like a printed copy of any of the articles from this issue.

Move it for MS!

Information Team, MS Trust

Research has demonstrated the importance of exercise to people with MS, and regular exercise has been shown to improve the condition and mood of people with MS at all levels of disability. This article describes the launch of the MS Trust's new exercise DVD for people with MS - Move it for MS!

Policy and campaigning

Information Team, MS Trust

Update on commissioning services for people with long-term neurological conditions, a review of the NHS in England to be carried out by Sir Ari Darzi and new waiting time targets for therapy services in Northern Ireland.

The sexual experience: revelations from men whose partners have multiple sclerosis

Shaniff Esmail, Associate Professor, Department of Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Alberta, Canada

This article is the second in a series that explores the experiences of couples where one partner has been diagnosed with MS. The first article focused on the experience of the woman diagnosed with MS, and how it had affected her sexuality and relationship with her partner. This article looks at the male partner's experience of the relationship and how it has changed since their partner's diagnosis.

Night-time postural support for people with multiple sclerosis

Pauline Pope, Consultant Physiotherapist, London

For people who have lost or have little ability to move or change position by themselves, body posture forms an essential component of their physical management. No amount of hands-on therapy can compensate for this core element in preventing or relieving the secondary complications that can arise from ineffective postural management. Evidence to support the effectiveness of posture management for people with MS is largely anecdotal, but is endorsed by health professionals' wide experience in the field. This article shares clinical experience of ways of providing night-time postural support for people with MS.

Managing MS patients: assessing the case for the district nurse

Cherie Weightman, Lecturer in Adult Nursing, University of Wales, Bangor

Managing patients with long term chronic conditions has been recognised to be within the role of community nursing services. This article looks at the potential role the district nurse may have to play in the care of people with MS in the future.

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