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Way Ahead Volume 12 Part 3 (June 2008)

MS Trust: past and future!

Chris Jones, Chief Executive, MS Trust

This article looks back at the first fifteen years of the MS Trust, which was co-founded by the current chief executive, Chris Jones. It also introduces Pam Macfarlane who will be taking over the role of chief executive when Chris steps down at the end of July.

Policy and campaigning

Overview of the Next Stage Review of the NHS in England, proposed structural changes to the NHS in Wales, a new model for remote and rural healthcare in Scotland and the outcomes of a pilot of information prescriptions.

A pilot study: to investigate the effect of Pilates classes on balance and wellbeing in people with multiple sclerosis

Lucia White, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, Wiltshire Primary Care Trust, Devizes

The National Service Framework for Long-term Conditions recognise the importance of greater social participation and engagement in leisure activities amongst people with long term conditions such as MS. The effects of different exercise modalities such as aerobic, muscle stregthening and improvement of flexibility in people with MS have also been the focus of some recent research. This article describes a study which investigated the effect of Pilates classes on people with MS.

Management of diplopia in MS

Val Trimble, MS Specialist Orthoptist, The Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Liverpool

Eye movement disorders are a commonly encountered problem in MS. However, it seems that many people with MS, and often the health professionals who work with them, lack knowledge about the potential treatment options that are available. This article provides an overview of current treatment options for diplopia (double vision).

Developing an information resource: an update on the Leeds initiative

Rhona MacLean, Lecturer-Practitioner in MS, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds

In 2005, the MS specialist nurses in Leeds and York reported on a collaborative venture looking at improving the provision of information for their clients in response to a reported need. This article gives an update on recent developments in Leeds.


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