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Way Ahead Volume 14 Part 1 (January 2010)

There is currently no pdf available for this issue of Way Ahead. Please contact the MS Trust information team if you would like a hard copy of any of the articles from this issue.

Is the general election relevant to health professionals working in the NHS?

Nicola Russell, Director of Services, MS Trust

Commentary on what the result of the upcoming general election may mean to health professional working in the NHS.

How does the Disability Discrimination Act support people with MS?

Aidan Murray Crook, MS Legal Officer, Disability Law Service, London

Many people with MS are unaware of the protection afforded to them under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). This article discusses the far reaching implications of the DDA for people with MS, and how the Disability Law Service can help people with MS ensure that their rights are recognised.

Palliative care in MS

Lucy Sutton, Director of Policy Development, National Council for Palliative Care, London

Specialist palliative care services were originally established to address the needs of people with different types of cancer. In more recent years, there has been an increasing recognition of the end of life care needs of people with conditions other than cancer which span the last year or months of life. However, the current model of services may not be the most appropriate for people with other conditions such as MS. This article discusses the development of a care pathway to best meet the palliative care needs of people with a neurological condition.

Quality of life utility scores: do they correlate with self-rated quality of life in people with MS?

Karen Turpin, University of Alberta, Canada

Measurement of a condition as variable as MS is notoriously difficult to achieve, but evidence based decisions support the development of suitable measures. For a measure to be meaningful, it must be relaible, reproducible and valid. Consideration also needs to be given to whether the aspects of life considered important to the person with MS are the same as those which society/clinicians value. This article examines the discrepancies between the results of two generic health profile measures and the possible reasons for the discrepancies.

Highlights from the 2009 MS Trust annual conference

Alison Whittam, Information Officer, MS Trust

Overview of the key plenary and seminar sessions from the 2009 MS Trust annual conference.

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