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Way Ahead Volume 14 Part 3 (July 2010)

The new coalition: its implications for people with MS and the health professionals who work with them

Nicola Russell, Director of Services, MS Trust

Commentary on what we might expect from the Department of Health over the next five years with the new coalition government.

MS and identity: exploring the impact of MS on a person's psychological wellbeing

Louise Woods, Clinical Psychologist, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust, Manchester

Research suggests that physical changes to the body, particularly those that cause long-term problems with functioning can affect how a person thinks and feels about themselves. Existing research has acknowledged the interaction between identity and MS, but there appears to have been no in-depth explorations of the issue. This article describes a study carried out to address this gap in the research.

Improving vocational support for people with long-term conditions: the development of interagency recommendations for best practice

Andy Tyerman, Head of Service, Community Head Injury Service Buckinghamshire PCT

People with neurological conditions may need support from a variety of sources for a range of vocational issues throughout their working lives, for example, statutory services, government agencies, independent and voluntary sectors. This article describes the development of guidelines to facilitate a coordinated approach in the delivery of effective vocational support services to people with complex needs.

Local clinical pathway for MS

Susie MacAllister, Senior Physiotherapist, Wandsworth Community Neuroteam, St John's Therapy Centre, Wandsworth

There is increasing popularity in the development of commissioning, clinical and care pathways as quality improvement tools. This article looks at the development of a locally specific clinical pathway for multiple sclerosis in the Borough of Wandsworth, London.

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