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Way Ahead Volume 15 Part 4 (October 2011)

18 years old and still lots to achieve!

Nicola Russell, Director of Services, MS Trust

On the eve of the MS Trust's 18th birthday, Nicola  Russell, Director of Services at the MS Trust reflects on how things have changed and developed in the MS field since 1993.

The national audit of services for people with multiple sclerosis - 2011

Information Team, MS Trust

Earlier this year the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and the MS Trust set in motion the third national audit of services for people with MS and the results are about to be published. This article summarises the key messages from the audit.

Sleep disturbance in multiple sclerosis

Paula Cowan, MS Specialist Physiotherapist, Kenilworth Medical Centre, Cumbernauld

Sleep disturbance is becoming an increasingly recognised symptom in people with MS. It may arise due to the presence of primary symptoms, such as contractures, pressure sores, and infections; or may stem from the psychological stress related to having a chronic disease. This article describes a study undertaken to provide further insight and knowledge into how sleep disturbance can be improved for people with MS, and to show its prevalence and its correlation to various factors.

The impact of the NICE guidelines on people's experience of being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis

Stephanie Maw, Clinical Specialist Therapist for MS, Sandwell PCT, West Bromwich

In 2003, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) published guidelines designed to promote the best possible care for people with MS. This article describes a small study which investigated the impact of the guidelines on people undergoing a diagnsois of MS using a semi-structured interview method.

Neuropsychology services in England - a starting point

Jo Johnson, Consultant Neuropsychologist, Storrington, West Sussex

The National Service Framework for Long-term Conditions and the NICE guidelines for MS recommend that people with MS and their families are provided with access to psychological support for themselves and their carers in a way that is consistent and easy to access. This article discusses the results of a survey carried out at the 2011 MS Trust specialist nurse meeting, where the delegates were asked to share their experiences of neuropsychology services for people with MS.

At work with MS

Lynn Fox, Information Officer, MS Trust

The Work Foundation published a report earlier this year, Ready to work: meeting the employment and career aspirations of people with multiple sclerosis. This article discusses the startling findings of the report and the resources the MS Trust has to support people with MS and health professionals around work issues.

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