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Way Ahead Volume 18 Part 1 (January 2014)

Defining the values of allied health professionals with expertise in multiple sclerosis

Amy Bowen, Director of Service Development, MS Trust

Findings of MS Trust report commissioned to advance understanding about allied health professionals with an expertise in MS. Although AHPs share a common set of principles by which they work, the report identifies a wide variability in MS AHP services.

Pilates based core stability training in ambulant individuals with multiple sclerosis: a multi-centre, blinded, randomised, placebo controlled trial

Esther Fox, Research Fellow, Faculty of Health, Plymouth University, Plymouth

This report discusses the findings of a clinical trial funded by the MS Trust which was undertaken to assess the effects of Pilates based core stability training on the balance and mobility of people with MS, compared to standardised physiotherapy exercises and a placebo control.

Option Grids: fast and frugal tools for the medical encounter

Marie-Anne Durand, Health Psychologist and Researcher, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield

Sharing preference-sensitive decisions with patients is an ethical imperative that is increasingly recognised in policy context, but not routinely embedded in clinical practice. However, there is an ambition to make shared decision-making the norm in the NHS and embed decision support tools in routine NHS care. This article looks at the use of Option Grids to support shared-decision making.

How can the care team help people with MS get what they want towards the end of life?

Peter Foley, Neurology Registrar, NHS Lothian, Edinburgh

There is an increasing recognition of the importance of palliative care for people with MS. Anticipating issues, discussing them, and sharing decisions can be crucial in empowering patients, as well as family and carers. This article reflects on anticipatory care discussions towards end of life with a particular focus on preferred place of death.

Highlights from the MS Trust 2013 Annual Conference 

Alison Whittam, Information Officer, MS Trust

Overview of some of the plenary and seminar sessions at the recent MS Trust Conference.


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