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Way Ahead Volume 19 Part 2 (April 2015)

Understanding and improving treatment adherence in MS

Jared Bruce,Clinical Psychologist, University of Missouri, USA

Looks at the reasons behind poor adherence to disease modifying therapies in MS, and ways that might help people with MS improve their adherence, including motivational interviewing and CBT.

Policy and campaigning: MS patient are 'invisible' in most CCGs

Alice Hamilton, Policy Officer, MS Trust

Commentary on The Invisible Patients report from the Neurological Alliance which highlights the invisibility of people with MS to their local Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Social isolation amongst people severely affected by multiple sclerosis

Sarah Robens, Researcher, University of Plymouth, Plymouth

Study which explores the issue of social isolation in people who are severely affected by their MS and identifies potential areas of intervention.

Supporting people to self-manage - the role of patient activation

Helen Gilburt, Fellow, Health Policy, The King's Fund, London

Article discusses the concept of patient activation, how it can be measured and ultimately how it can be used to help support people with MS to adopt positive health behaviours.

Using telerehabilitation to support behaviour change in MS

Lorna Paul, Reader and Associate Academic, School of Medicine, University of Glasgow, Glasgow

Describes four case studies from around Europe which are successfully using telerehabilitation to deliver services and improve clinical outcomes.

MS specialist nurse meeting report 2015

Information Team, MS Trust

Report from the March 2015 MS specialist nurse meeting. Includes information on the MS Trust Annual Conference 2015.



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