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Way Ahead Volume 19 Part 4 (October 2015)

​Taking the temperature of neurospecialist AHPs

Geraldine Mynors, GEMSS Facilitator, MS Trust

Results of a survey carried out jointly by the MS Trust, Therapists in MS, Parkinson’s UK and the MND Association to elicit a sense of the current state of neurological AHP services in today’s NHS.

Sharing practice: a nurse-led MS clinic in Zurich

Robert Ammann

Article describes the setting up of a nurse-led MS outpatient clinic at the University Hospital Zurich and how the service has evolved over the last five years.

2015 revision of the ABN guidelines for prescribing disease modifying drugs in MS

Neil Scolding

Article looks at the 2015 revision to the ABN guidelines which provide a consensus on how disease modifying drugs should be used and monitored in the UK.

Role of the MS nurse in relapse management

Nicki Abel

Takes a closer look at the role of the MS specialist nurse in relapse management to allow a timely decision to be made regarding the initiation, or escalation, of disease modifying drug treatment.

A golden time for progressive MS research

Jeremy Chataway

Article discusses why historically there has been a lack of research into progressive MS and how this is now changing. It also looks at current research in the field, including the MS-SMART trial for secondary progressive MS.


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