Currently TiMS has two co-chairs and four working groups: Education, Research, Service Development and Communications and Promotion.


Wendy Hendrie

Name: Wendy Hendrie
Position: Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in MS
Location: Norwich
Areas of interest: posture and positioning; ataxia; promoting the role of the specialist


Pam Bostock

Name: Pam Bostock
Position: Consultant Occupational Therapist - Neurology
Location: Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent
Areas of interest: self-management, fatigue management, community based services


Working group members

Jody BarberName: Jody Barber
Position: Physiotherapist, Clinical Specialist in Neurology
Location: Hertfordshire
Areas of interest: spasticity management, orthotics and FES, postural control facilitation and postural management. Promoting multidisciplinary working, promoting activity and wellbeing. Qualified teacher - British Wheel of Yoga.


Chris Beach

Name: Chris Beach
Position: Head of Physiotherapy
Location: Aylesbury
Areas of interest: musculoskeletal rehabilitation, orthopaedics and clinical governance



Name: Darren Beales
Position: Community Neuro Physiotherapy Lead
Location: Surrey
Areas of interest: Orthotics, exercise


Tania Burge

Name: Tania Burge
Position: MS Specialist Physiotherapist
Location: Bristol



Name: Anne Canby
Position: Physiotherapist Specialist in Neurological Rehabilitation
Location: East Sussex
Areas of interest: MS, FES, PD, facial palsy


Heidy ClearyName: Heidi Cleary
Position: Neuro-Specialist Physiotherapist
Location: London
Areas of interest: spasticity management, postural management, complex physical disability and orthotics


Name: Helen Conyers
Position: MS Specialist Physiotherapist
Location: Poole
Areas of interest: complex neuro disability, spasticity, complex pain issues


Michelle Davies

Name: Michelle Davies
Position: MS Service Lead and Specialist Practitioner
Location: Poole
Area of interest: complex neuro disability, spasticity management, postural management, holistic neuro case management, care pathways, service evaluation and development


Name: Catriona Fearn
Position: MS Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist
Location: Caernarfon
Areas of interest: developing MDT working, complex needs, training


Jenny FreemanName: Jenny Freeman
Position: Reader in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation / MS Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist
Location: Plymouth
Area of interest: clinical trials evaluating rehabilitation of people with MS


small_Gail griffiths-tims.jpgName: Gail Griffiths
Position: MS Specialist Physiotherapist
Location: Greenwich



Dr Margaret HewettName: Dr Margaret Hewett
Position: Specialist Physiotherapist
Location: East Sussex
Areas of interest: hydrotherapy, MS and exercise, fatigue management



Name: Susan Hourihan
Position: Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist
Location: London
Areas of interest: fatigue management, transition and adjustment to disability, disability management, group work, occupational therapy, vocational rehabilitation


Name: Ewa Johansson-Charles
Position: Occupational Therapist
Location: London


Name: Kay McDowall
Position: Team Lead Physiotherapist/MS Specialist
Location: Orpington
Areas of interest: MS and spinal cord injuries/surgery


Name: Rhian O’Halloran
Position: Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in MS
Location: Cardiff
Areas of interest: MS, spasticity, posture and standing, orthopaedic issues, relating toneurology, biomechanics, medication, BTX injecting, prescribing


Trudy PeltonName: Trudy Pelton
Position: Senior Physiotherapist, Neurological Outpatient Therapy Services
Location: Birmingham
Areas of interest: hand and arm coordination after stroke, gait rehabilitation and use of visual cues after stroke, exercise in neuromuscular disease, outcome measures in rehabilitation


Name: Jane Petty
Position: Private Physio and Research Officer ACPIN
Areas of interest: exercise and activity for people affected by MS


Name: Fiona Roberts
Position: MS Specialist Occupational Therapist
Location: Liverpool


Name: Emma Royal
Position: Specialist Neurological Occupational Therapist
Location: Buckinghamshire
Areas of interest: progressive neurological conditions, complex case management/complex neurological presentation, occupational science and application to neurological occupational therapy,acceptance and adjustment. motivation and readiness to change with rehabilitation


Amy Smissen

Name: Amy Smissen
Position: Occupational Therapist
Location: Aylesbury
Areas of interest: self-management, fatigue management, group work, adjustment to disability



Jenny Thain

Name: Jenny Thain
Position: MS Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist / MS Therapy Team Lead
Location: Liverpool
Areas of interest: developing research / innovation practice within physiotherapy and promoting wider research activity by AHP colleagues


Name: Susan Wheeler
Position: MS Specialist Physiotherapist
Areas of interest: spasticity, FES for MS

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