GEMSS final report front cover

Our GEMSS programme collected evidence about how services work best for people with MS.

The GEMSS findings were collected over a three-year period (2012-15) and were used to help develop better NHS services for the future. A range of influential and practical reports came out of the project.

Evidence for MS Specialists: Findings From GEMSS (PDF 1.6mb)

The final 2015 report of the GEMSS programme. While having evaluation of MS specialist nursing as its primary objective, the report also involved members of the wider multidisciplinary MS team who support people with MS in managing their condition

GEMSS Executive Summary (PDF 506kb)

A summary of the data and findings from the final 2015 GEMSS report
MS Nursing 2016: Progress Towards Equitable Provision (PDF 486kb) Our updated report (from 2014 below) using data from MS Forward View to map the provision of MS specialist nursing across the UK
MS Nursing 2014: The Case for Equitable Provision (PDF 1.4mb) Our report stating the case for MS nursing and mapping provision of MS specialist nursing by Clinical Commissioning Group and Health Board across the UK

Neurology Specialist Nurses and MS (PDF 498kb)

Our 2014 briefing paper summarising the number of neurology nurses (covering MS along with other long-term neurological conditions), the benefits and challenges of the role from their perspective, and issues related to supporting nurses in this role

Modelling Sustainable Caseloads: MS Specialist Nurses (PDF 341kb)

Our 2014 report quantifies a sustainable caseload for MS nurses and the conditions that need to be present for services to be effective with this caseload

GEMSS Process Report (PDF 4.3mb)

Our 2015 process report on how the MS Trust delivered the GEMSS evaluation project and the impact on those teams who took part

MS Specialist Nursing in the UK (PDF 491kb)

Our report presenting the findings of our 2014 national survey of UK MS specialist nurses

Defining the value of MS specialist nurses


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