We already support and train all the MS nurses in the country. Now we’re funding them too.

MS specialist nurses make a world of difference for people living with MS. However, many MS nurses have to care for more people with MS than they can manage. And their services are coming under increasing pressure.

We estimate that 2 in 3 people with MS – around 68,000 people – live in an area where there aren't enough MS nurses. This puts pressure on the service they are able to deliver, and means that people with MS may be missing out on the specialist care they need.

The MS Trust has played a crucial role in the development of MS nurse services in the UK over the last 25 years. Now we are going one step further by funding new MS nurse posts in the areas that need them the most. We will fund the first 18 months of their post, but after that period, once the nurse is firmly established, the NHS will take over responsibility for funding.

This is a huge project for a charity of our size but with your help, we believe we can make a life-changing difference for thousands of people with MS.

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