Sharing ideas in MS services

A resource for MS health professionals to promote sharing ideas and working together to ensure effective, efficient and fair care for everyone with MS. Here you can find a list of examples of innovative practice from MS teams across the UK, potential steps to implement, and celebrating great work in MS care. 

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Capacity planning and writing a business case

On this page, MS health professionals can learn about evaluating and optimising current capacity and write an effective business case, for instance for service development or design. We’ve included advice on planning your capacity, our capacity planning tool and guidance from our guide to writing a strong business case. 

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GEMSS (Generating Evidence in MS) is our flagship programme developing tools and metrics to collect evidence about how services work best for people with MS and develop NHS services for the future. 


Funding MS nurses

In 2016, the Trust launched a programme to fund and support MS specialist nurses in areas where provision of nurses is poorest. 

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Patient survey for MS teams

The MS Trust offers a free service for MS teams to enable them to carry out a patient survey to measure users’ experiences and build evidence of patient outcomes. 

MS Trust patient survey service

QuDoS in MS awards

The QuDoS in MS Awards - Recognising Quality in the Delivery of Multiple Sclerosis – are a fantastic opportunity for health professionals to gain recognition for the valuable contribution they make to the quality of life and experience of care for those with MS.

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