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07 November 2018

When MS Trust supporter Tim Sorrell signed up to his first parkrun, somewhat reluctantly, he could never have imagined the positive difference it would make to his life. He explains what makes it so special. 

07 November 2018

Since the first event back in 2004, parkrun has grown into something of a national phenomenon, with hundreds of thousands of people taking part every Saturday, come rain or shine. Now parkrun wants more people with disabilities and long-term health conditions to get involved, be it through running, wheeling, walking or volunteering.  Katherine Goulder is one of parkrun’s Outreach Ambassadors for MS. Here she tells us how parkrun very quickly became part of her own Saturday routine and why others with MS should get involved too.

medicinal cannabis
02 November 2018

From 1 November, medicinal cannabis can be prescribed by specialist doctors. We look at what is meant by medicinal cannabis, how legislation is changing and what this means for people with MS.

29 October 2018

Car enthusiast Nico has organised a rather unique driving challenge to raise funds for the MS Trust. Here he tells us what the challenge involves, the inspiration behind it, and how you can sign up. 

woman smiling at camera holding on to her hat
23 October 2018

What causes MS? This is something we yet don't know, but there are a lot of theories out there. In this blog guest blogger Emily, takes us through some of them. 

18 October 2018

Back in September, a group of friends took on a gruelling canoe challenge in the Lake District, raising nearly £4,000 to support the MS Trust's vital work. Here, supporter Caroline Horton writes about the inspiration behind the challenge and the sense of achievement she felt after completing it. 

lady with an owl on her arm
16 October 2018

Choosing a disease modifying drug (DMD) is an individual decision and it can be important to weigh up your options and think about what might work best for you. In this guest blog, Toni shares her experiences of choosing an MS treatment and explains what it was like to start on Plegridy. 

Jane Biggart
09 October 2018

Choosing which disease modifying drug (DMD) to start is not always easy and sometimes you'll find that you don't get on with the drug you have chosen. In this guest blog, Jane shares her experience of making a decision about treatment. 

2 pairs of feet sticking out of a cover
08 October 2018

A lot of people with MS will experience sexual problems at some point in their lives, but yet we often find it hard to speak up about sex and MS. We think this needs to change. 


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