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Marie and friends
26 September 2016

Cooking for MS

Sleepless nights and jars of chutney from a neighbour inspired Marie to create her own cook book, which she is now using to raise funds to help others with MS.

ECTRIMS 2016 - picture of Tower Bridge in London
23 September 2016

MS in the media - ECTRIMS 2016

Reports of studies presented at the ECTRIMS meeting that took place from 14-17 September 2016.  Reports include research into disease modifying drugs for relapsing and progressive MS, stem cells and lifestyle factors in MS.

MS in the media logo (a pile of newspapers)
23 September 2016

MS in the media

  • MS at the Paralympics
  • Gene research for progressive MS questioned
  • Natural history of people on disease modifying drugs
  • MPs support call for medical cannabis
  • Film about footballer with MS released on DVD
  • Older people with MS
  • Ageing with MS
  • Progressive MS research funding
  • Guidelines on more than one long-term condition
  • ECTRIMS round up
17 September 2016

Encouraging results for siponimod in secondary progressive MS trial

Siponimod reduced the risk of progression in secondary progressive MS (SPMS) according to results presented at the ECTRIMS meeting in London on 17 September.

MS in the media logo (pile of newspapers)
09 September 2016

MS in the media

  • How heat affects people with MS
  • Paralympians with MS
  • Negative attitudes to people with MS
  • Tamoxifen may help myelin repair
  • Genes don't suggest course of MS
Woman with MS and MS nurse
05 September 2016

MS Trust launches campaign to fund new MS nurses in areas of greatest need

A new report from the MS Trust shows that two in three people with MS in the UK live in areas where there aren’t enough MS nurses to provide vital care and support.

MS in the media logo (pile of newspapers)
02 September 2016

MS in the media

  • The effect of childhood MS on parents
  • Review of the medical understanding of childhood MS
  • Explaining MS
  • Please offer me a seat
  • How lifestyle factors affect MS
  • Photography project focuses on MS
  • Low white blood cell count and MS
MS in the media logo (pile of newspapers)
26 August 2016

MS in the media

  • Genes and vitamin D
  • Siponimod trial in secondary progressive MS
  • Amiselimod trial results
26 August 2016

Encouraging results in secondary progressive MS trial

Initial research results suggest siponimod may slow progression in people with secondary progressive MS

25 August 2016

Improving access to information for those with long-term conditions

The Patient Information Forum (PIF) are looking for people living with MS who may be interested in taking part in a focus group for its ‘perfect information journey’ project focused on improving access to information for patients with long-term conditions.

MS in the media logo (pile of newspapers)
19 August 2016

MS in the media

  • Wales lagging behind in access to treatment
  • High blood pressure may be associated with MS progression
  • Neurological Alliance report on neurology and primary care
  • Benefits changes and eligibility for Motability
  • Camping with MS
17 August 2016

GPs lack confidence in assessing and referring people with symptoms of MS

People experiencing the first signs and symptoms of neurological conditions like MS are waiting too long to see an appropriate specialist, according to over 1,000 GPs surveyed across the UK.

Images of Crystal's jewellery
16 August 2016

Making jewellery to fight MS

Crystal tells us about her experience of living with MS and how it has led her to rekindle a love for jewellery making.

MS in the media logo
12 August 2016

MS in the media

  • Using mobility scooter for days out
  • New technique for stem cell transplants
  • Benefits of early treatment
Wooden doll lying back with exhaustion
11 August 2016

Invisible symptoms: the unseen side of MS

Many MS symptoms seem invisible to other people. This blog explores some of the reasons for this and suggests what you could do to raise awareness.

Image showing different types of MS health services
09 August 2016

How can we design services that work better for people with advanced MS?

As part of our MS Forward View project, we recently convened a meeting of MS specialists, carers and people with MS to look at different models of MS care and work out what are the most important factors to consider when designing services.

Kadeena Cox, para-athlete
09 August 2016

Grit and determination

Since being diagnosed with MS in 2014, Kadeena Cox has become a successful para-athlete, competing on the track and also on bike, and is part of Team GB going to the Paralympics in Rio in September

Getting the endorphins going- Judy and husband with bikes
09 August 2016

Getting the endorphins going

Judy Beveridge is 45 and has secondary progressive MS, which makes it hard to stay as active as she would like. But discovering tandem cycling last year has given her a whole new way to stay fit and get out in the country

Light in the darkness
09 August 2016

Light in the darkness

When Mel Hopper was diagnosed with MS in 2008, she felt like she had ‘stumbled into darkness’. But when she discovered blogs and forums for people living with long-term health conditions she found the personal support that helped her find a way out. Earlier this year she started her own blog at - here she explains why

Eight friends from London took part in a 300 mile cycle to Paris in May
09 August 2016


Eight friends from London took part in a 300 mile cycle to Paris in May and have raised more than £16,000 in honour of their friend who has MS. Edward Quigley tells us about his experience of being part of the PeloTonyAdaMS London to Paris team