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06 May 2016

MS in the media

  • Zinbryta (daclizumab) nears approval in Europe
  • Ocrelizumab and progressive MS
  • Too much sitting is bad for you
  • Yoga or aquatic exercise help MS symptoms
  • CCSVI symptoms not unique to MS
  • Gilenya (fingolimod) rebound risk
  • Suicide rates higher in MS
04 May 2016

Daclizumab moves closer to approval for relapsing MS

The European Medicines Agency's Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use has recommended that a licence should be granted for daclizumab for the treatment of relapsing MS.

29 April 2016

MS in the media

  • Engaging with MS services
  • Vitamin D review
  • Tysabri and progression study
  • Review of current research
  • Monitoring MS with mobile devices
  • MS affects moral cognition
28 April 2016

Cycling from North Wales to Southern France

Having loved cycling since childhood, Justin Kendell was devastated when he found himself unable to ride due to symptoms of MS. Now he is back on his bike and planning a ride of over 1,300 miles to raise funds for the MS Trust.

28 April 2016

Calling all MS health professionals: enter or nominate colleagues for the 2016 QuDos in MS awards!

We're pleased to announce that, after a hugely successful first year, the QuDoS awards, highlighting innovation and excellence in MS services, are now open for nominations for 2016.

27 April 2016

How can we make MS care fair for people with progressive MS?

MS Forward View is our project working with NHS experts, MS teams and people living with MS to shape fairer specialist services. Daisy Doncaster, the project co-ordinator, explains how we exactly we intend to make a difference, particularly for people with progressive MS

27 April 2016

Hayley's winning jewellery design

Hayley Budge from Orkney tells us about her winning Tulip necklace design, which has inspired a jewellery collection that is on sale now to raise funds for the MS Trust.

London Marathon runner Lee
22 April 2016

How to apply for a place in the 2017 London Marathon

Would you like to run the London Marathon in 2017 to help people with multiple sclerosis? If you enter the public ballot as well as applying for a charity place with the MS Trust you will have twice the chance to run.

22 April 2016

MS in the media - AAN 2016

Reports of studies presented at the American Academy of Neurology meeting that took place from 15-21 April 2016.  Reports include researchinto disease modifying drugs for relapsing MS, approaches to repair of nerves and risk factors for MS.

22 April 2016

MS in the media

  • AAN 2016
  • Sexual problems for men with MS
  • Genome study launched
20 April 2016

MS Trust report finds people with progressive MS feel like they're getting a second class service

According to a new report published today by the MS Trust, growing pressures on NHS services mean people with progressive MS get much less support from specialist health professionals than people with relapsing remitting MS. As well as seeing health professionals less frequently, many people with progressive MS report being ‘abandoned’ by specialist services just as they enter the progressive phase of the disease, marked by complex symptoms and increasing disability.

15 April 2016

A buyer's guide to the Secret Art Show

A handy guide to buying the art you want in the 2016 Secret Art Show. Get in quick when sales open at 9am on Monday!

15 April 2016

MS in the media

  • Medical cannabis arguments
  • MS Therapy Centre visit
  • The interaction of pain, depression and fatigue
  • MS. A song cycle
  • Small trial hints at possibility of nerve repair
  • Identifying factors that increase MS risk
  • Footballer with MS
  • Punching sharks on the nose
08 April 2016

MS in the media

  • DMDs and brain atrophy
  • Do Paralympians encourage or deter exercise?
  • Beta interferon in children
  • Myelitis and MS
  • Most PIP appeals are successful
  • Switching to rituximab or Gilenya from Tysabri
  • The effect of other health conditions
01 April 2016

Childhood MS – could you help us?

We’d like to hear from people with all different experiences of childhood MS.

01 April 2016

MS in the media

  • Rosacea and MS risk
  • Finding new life in wheelchair tennis
  • Holidaymakers needed
  • MS in families studied
  • Finding positives
24 March 2016

MS in the media

  • World Congress on Controversies in Neurology (CONy)
  • Benefit changes withdrawn
  • Gadolinium safety review
  • Ibudilast fast track status
18 March 2016

MS in the media

  • The Budget and benefit changes
  • Beta interferon and pregnancy
  • Review of ACTRIMS neurology conference
  • MS in East London
11 March 2016

MS in the media

  • Vitamin D in pregnancy
  • More than one autoimmune condition and progression risk
  • Small study of antidiabetic drugs
  • Brain training may improve thinking
  • Athlete with MS
  • MS and other health conditions


07 March 2016

What role should charities play in supporting public services?

Should the task of improving MS services be solely the responsibility of the NHS? Amy Bowen, Director of Service Development at the MS Trust, explains why we believe it’s vital for the MS Trust to work in co-operation with MS teams to ensure people living with MS receive the best possible care