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MS in the media logo (a pile of newspapers)
09 December 2016

  • Copaxone and pregnancy recommendations changed
  • Racing driver with MS
  • Disease modifying treatment in more advanced stage MS
Heather and her brother Chris
08 December 2016

Heather tells us how she and her family are dealing with her recent MS diagnosis and why she has decided to take on the Bath Half Marathon.

MS in the media logo (a pile of newspapers)
02 December 2016

  • Sports Personality of the Year shortlist published
  • Vitamin D and MS risk
  • What stem cell research says about progressive MS
  • Researching diet and MS
  • Emerging treatments for progressive MS
Pam and Jo accepting cheque from Helen Ley Charitable Trust
25 November 2016

People with severe MS will benefit from new bursaries worth £150,000 which will fund the training of specialist nurses and allied health professionals, enabling them to offer the best care possible. The finance behind this initiative comes from the Helen Ley Charitable Trust, an organisation which was formed 42 years ago by the Coventry MS branch with the assistance of local business people.

MS in the media logo (a pile of newspapers)
18 November 2016

  • Course of later onset MS
  • Effect of fatigue and depression on sex
  • Ballet for ataxia
how to keep the brain active
14 November 2016

Juggling having MS and having a small child isn't the easiest at times. For the blogger of poorlyparents it was very important to try to keep her brain as active as possible. In this guest blog she explains how she is getting on with her blog and how technology can help you to be creative.

14 November 2016

Today, a group of MPs and members of the House of Lords has launched a report on the barriers people with MS face to finding and staying in work. The report by the All Party Parliamentary Group for MS makes a series of recommendations on how best to support people with MS in the workplace.

MS in the media logo (pile of newspapers)
11 November 2016

  • Use of dietary approaches to manage MS
  • Brain tissue ratios and prognosis
  • Exercise is valuable for people with more advanced MS
  • Development of progressive MS research
MRI scans
11 November 2016

When Phil Wood had an MRI scan earlier this year, he was given a CD of the images to take home. With the help of some image editing software he was able to get a whole new insight into what the scans showed. 

Santa Run
11 November 2016

Are you looking for a reason to wear your Christmas jumper? With the festive season on the horizon and people feeling in a giving mood, this is a great time of year to harness some of that positive spirit and use it to help people with MS

Srin at the Golden Gate Bridge
10 November 2016

Srin Madipalli was frustrated when he found that hotel booking sites often provided inaccurate information about their accessibility. Inspired by Airbnb, he’s set up Accomable, a new site designed to help you feel confident you’re booking accommodation that’s right for you. 

10 November 2016

Pia Reynolds was born in Denmark, but has lived in the UK for 25 years. This year she joined our MS Forward View project, helping to represent the views of people living with MS. She’s also involved with our new MS nurse funding project.