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MS Trust works with NHS Lanarkshire to recruit new MS nurses

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The MS Trust and NHS Lanarkshire are delighted to announce that they have worked together to recruit two new MS specialist nurses, plus a part-time neurology nurse, to support the 1,200 people living with MS in Lanarkshire. The new nurses will begin work later in September.

As part of its nationwide Specialist Nurse Programme, the MS Trust will be part funding one of the nurses for 15 months, and supporting the whole team to make even more of a difference for people living with MS in Lanarkshire.

“We are delighted to welcome the new nurses,” said Maria Docherty, Nurse Director of South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership. “There was a great response to our advert, with a number of high quality applicants. Thanks to funding and support from the MS Trust we were able to appoint two new nurses when previously we had only one. This will mean we will be able to deliver an improved service for local people affected by MS.”

MS specialist nurses are vital for people living with MS. They can help them adjust to diagnosis, consider complicated treatment options, manage a wide range of symptoms and learn to live well with an unpredictable, often debilitating, condition.

Megan Roberts, Specialist Nurse Programme Manager at the MS Trust, who will continue to support the MS team, said: “It was fantastic to have such a positive response to the job adverts. I am sure the new nurse will delivery a really high quality service for people living with MS in Lanarkshire.”

“During the recruitment process we were able to ensure continuity of care,” said Service Manager Karen Maclure. “Since April we have carried out a thorough review of the MS specialist nursing service, incorporating feedback the MS Trust helped us get from service users. Responding to this feedback, our new service will include increased home visits and telephone support. We will also ensure that people with MS and their families have more opportunities to get the information, education and support they need.”

In addition to the two new MS specialist nurses, the part-time neurology specialist nurse will work across the MS and Parkinson’s services. “This post will initially work with the MS team,” said Karen. “We are working with the consultants of both services to create a job plan for this role to be responsive to the demands on both services.”

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