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Tiger Lilly & Into The Autumn release song for MS Trust

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Tiger Lilly in the woods

Singer/songwriter Danielle Moubarak (aka Tiger Lilly) and songwriter/guitarist Damian Carruthers (Into The Autumn) have released a song on iTunes to raise money for the MS Trust.

Here Danielle tells us how the loss of someone close inspired their beautiful new single, Not Alone.

It is never easy to watch someone you love suffer from a debilitating illness and more often than not, the people who stand by giving their love, time and dedication can suffer just as much, feeling so helpless.

During the summer of 2014 my boyfriend at the time went through exactly this. His mum, who was a beautiful young soul, was in her final stages with MS and it was a painful time for him and his family. I would visit her with him and feel his pain and see him so frustrated. As a partner you feel the same frustration as you want so much to help and comfort, and sometimes you are lost for words. So I asked my song-writing partner Damian to come over to the house so we could write a song especially for them, that song was 'Not Alone'.

Sadly Katrina passed away just before Christmas 2015, just before the single was ready to launch, but both myself and Damian are dedicating this song to her memory and the MS Trust is our charity of choice.

We hope that the words will comfort others in similar positions. 75% of the proceeds from iTunes and all other downloads will be donated to The MS Trust and we will be pushing the single throughout 2016 to raise as much funds as possible.

Artwork from the single Not Alone