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100 miles in 100 days

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Stefanie Cowles tells us about the challenge she set herself to run 100 miles in 100 days in aid of the MS Trust.

I finished my 100 miles 22 days early, so it was 100 miles in 78 days! And am so pleased with myself and grateful to the people that have donated to the MS Trust on my behalf.

To celebrate completing the challenge early I arranged a family fun run on 30 August where my friends and children joined me to run the final mile. Everyone was welcome to walk, run, scoot, skip or bike with me.

I hope that through doing this challenge I can show my kids and others that with determination and will power, life's challenges can be overcome. My eldest daughter (aged 7) even joined me a couple of times on her scooter!

I am absolutely loving running (although still class myself as a novice plodder) and am sure I will be doing a marathon for MS Trust within the next year or two. I even ran whilst on holiday in Worcester! 

Stefanie Cowles and her friend












For more information about fundraising for the MS Trust, email our Fundraising Team or call 01462 476700.

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