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Bella & Charlie's Reindeer Rally

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The Siddon family

4-year-old Bella and her little brother Charlie will be dressing as reindeer and taking part in a sponsored walk in honour of their dad Mike who has MS.

Their mum Emma tells us more about why their family wanted to get involved and how MS has affected their lives.

Bella, Charlie and their friends Callum, Zak, Archie, Poppy, Bradley, Jenson, Toby, Ellah, Zach, Harrison, Isla, Grace, Poppy, Lizzie, AB, Ella, Freya and Ruby are going to do a sponsored walk wearing reindeer masks as part of the MS Trust Reindeer Rally event. We wanted to raise funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Trust because the charity has been a great support to my husband Mike.

A year ago Mike was diagnosed with the rarest form of MS - primary progressive MS. This diagnosis came days before our second child Charlie was born. As you can imagine it’s been a huge learning curve for us all - a challenge to deal with and come to terms with. There is no treatment and no medication for this type of MS and we have no idea what the future holds. But we remain incredibly positive and continue to live each day looking to the future.

When we left the consultant's office last October, it was really strange. Mike had been given the label of having MS but that was about all he could tell us. No two cases of MS are the same, no mix or severity of symptoms are the same - we just have to wait and see. The first few days were tough but most of all because of the unanswered questions! That's where the MS Trust came in.

The MS Trust has been a great source of learning for us both, helping us understand symptoms, possible outcomes and understand the disease. They do a huge amount for people with MS and although Mike doesn't need a huge amount of support yet, if he does in the future we would like to know we have done something to support the charity.

The walk will be a few miles long around Snelsmore Common and Donnington Castle. All the children will be wearing reindeer masks they have decorated and some will be dressed up too. Most of the children are 5 and under so this is a long walk for them (and their mums and dads!).

I have been blown away by the amount of our friends who want to get involved in this with us, it means a huge amount to both Mike and me. We are also being joined by family - my lovely mum, Mike's sister Roz and Mike's eldest daughter Millie.

Visit Charlie and Bella's fundraising page

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