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Can you help us develop a website for people choosing a disease modifying drug?

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Since it was launched in 2004, many people have used MS Decisions to help them choose between the self-injected drugs for relapsing remitting MS. We’re just starting on a project to redevelop the website to include the wider range of drugs now available.

We’re also taking the opportunity to review our booklet Disease modifying drug therapy. Our aim is to provide a complementary set of resources to help you make decisions about the available treatments.

There’s a much wider range of drugs for relapsing remitting MS available now, so deciding which one to take is getting more complicated.  The balance between effectiveness of a drug and the risk of side effects will be a key factor, but for most people, other issues will be important such as the impact it has on daily life or plans to start a family.

Having a conversation with your MS neurologist or MS nurse is a vital first step to understanding which of the disease modifying drugs would be best for you, but you will probably need time to think it over, talk it through with family or friends and read more about your options before making a choice.

We want to make sure the new resources help you discuss starting or switching between disease modifying drugs with your MS team, so we’d really like you to tell us what information would help you.

What we are asking for

In the first instance, we’d like as many people as possible to complete a short survey. We want to hear from anyone who is already taking or considering starting as well as anyone who has taken one of the disease modifying drugs.  It should take less than ten minutes and you can do it anonymously, if you like.

Later, we’ll need a smaller group of people to help us develop new web-based information and booklets. This means trying out new ideas for the website or reading and commenting on new material. If you’d be up for this, you can leave your contact details at the end of the survey.

Take part

You can take part in the survey at

Pass this on!

Please let others know about this survey, we’d really like a wide range of people to give us their opinions.

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