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At Work with MS

03 December 2014

We know that the government’s changes to work-related benefits are hitting people with MS hard. As you may know, as a small charity the MS Trust restricts the government policy work we do specifically to health issues. We believe that everyone with MS is entitled to a full life, even if we don’t have the capacity to work in all areas. 

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12 August 2014

As a medical student just finishing my second year, this was all I knew about MS before my summer holiday began.​

The long summer holidays of student life can be a blessing and a curse – the first few weeks may be heaven, but boredom is likely to ensue if the student has nothing to do. Fortunately my University runs a scheme which allows students to work for a charity for four weeks over the summer; the charity I chose to help was the MS Trust.

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22 January 2014

The statistics for being in any kind of employment if you are disabled are grim. The government knows this and has decided, rather late in the day, to accompany its plan of reducing the benefits bill for all disabled people with some ideas to improve opportunities for getting into and staying in, work. 

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