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MS services

12 October 2017

Last year Verity Duff from North Northamptonshire came on our foundation course for new MS nurses. We caught up with her to find out about her first year as an MS nurse, and the difference our support has made to her work 

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27 April 2017
Jon and Allison

The MS Trust and University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust are working together to make a difference for local people living with MS with the recruitment of the first new nurse placements in the MS Trust’s Specialist Nurse Funding Programme. We went to Leicester to speak to Allison, one of the existing MS nurses, and Jon, who has been living with MS for almost ten years, about the difference the new nurses will make. 

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27 April 2017
Info team

For 20 years the MS Trust has provided free, evidence-based information for anyone affected by MS – via our enquiry service, our printed publications, and, increasingly, our online and social media resources. We hope to help people understand more about their condition, consider their options and work effectively with their MS teams. Here we introduce some of the members of our award-winning team and some of the people they’ve helped

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12 July 2016

Being diagnosed with MS is the beginning of a long, unpredicatable journey. In Denmark, people are offered a two-week residential course on adjusting to their new life with MS. Tim Wardman went on one and reports back on what he learned.

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08 June 2016
Pia Reynolds

Pia Reynolds, advisory group lay member for the MS Trust’s project MS Forward View, explains what it’s like to represent people with MS in this innovative project.

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27 April 2016
Nurse and patient

MS Forward View is our project working with NHS experts, MS teams and people living with MS to shape fairer specialist services.Daisy Doncaster, the project co-ordinator, explains how we exactly we intend to make a difference, particularly for people with progressive MS

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07 March 2016

Should the task of improving MS services be solely the responsibility of the NHS? Amy Bowen, Director of Service Development at the MS Trust, explains why we believe it’s vital for the MS Trust to work in co-operation with MS teams to ensure people living with MS receive the best possible care

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29 February 2016

Sometimes, as a person with MS, it can feel as though your voice isn’t being heard. This is why I was so keen to become a lay member of the MS Trust’s MS Forward View project advisory group. Any opportunity to share my opinions about and experiences of MS services, I grab, because so much of the time my opinion doesn’t seem to matter.

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30 December 2015
Multiple Sclerosis Trust logo

2015 has been another busy year for the MS Trust.  Highlights include:

  • MS Decisions launched
  • Information about secondary progressive MS
  • Evidence for MS specialist services published
  • Launch of the new look MS Trust website
  • NICE quality standard for MS
  • Supporting health professionals
  • Your support for us
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26 November 2014

New care standards have been unveiled by the Welsh Government, to improve standards of care throughout the NHS. They’ve gained more urgency after care scandals were reported at the Princess of Wales hospital in Bridgend and Glan Clywd hospital in Rhyl. The new, improved standards of care are collated into a Health Standards Framework, which is based around 7 quality themes.

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