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Could you help us make up a big team of MS Trust Santas?

Santa taking part in the Santa Run

MS Trust Web Editor Helena writes about why she is taking part in the 2015 Santa run for the MS Trust, and why you should join in too!

Hello, my name is Helena and I am not a runner. I have lots of friends that do amazing things like marathons, parachuting and climbing mountains all for charity. Me, I like to do fun-runs. Any excuse for a dress up and I am there. It is not competitive but just a fun day out and you still get some good exercise. Plus you do it for charity which is of course a big bonus too! The MS Trust have been taking part in the Santa Run for a few years and it is always a popular event. What could be more jolly than donning a Santa suit and running/walking/wheeling through Victoria Park in London? This year myself and a few of my workmates at the MS Trust have decided to join our amazing fundraisers by entering as a team ourselves. Some of us have never run, but we are trying not to let that stop us!

Why is this so important to me?

Back in 2006 I had my first MS relapse, I didn’t know what was happening to me and I was very confused. Once the neuro mentioned MS I ended up on the MS Trust website, reading up about this strange condition. In 2007 two big things happened, I was officially diagnosed with MS and I started working for the MS Trust. I had decided that after the feelings I had after my own diagnosis, how lost I felt and how much the MS Trust’s information had helped me, I wanted to help people who were in that same situation. So this is my reason for wanting to run the Santa Run (apart from the fetching red outfit of course!).

Can you help us?

But now we need your help! We have 14 places left to fill for the Santa run and it would be awesome if you wanted to take part. The Santa Run is an accessible event, so wheelchairs are welcome. Children over the age of 8 can also join in, so you can make it into a whole family event. I am in fact planning on bringing my youngest son in the buggy, I figured he could be the Rudolph to my Santa!

So pretty please, help us fill these 14 places, before the end of November. The run itself is on 6 December. If you can’t participate yourself, maybe you know someone else who wants to join in the festive cheer and raise some funds for the MS Trust. We could really use you for this final push. I would love to see lots of Santas on #TeamMSTrust.

Hope to see you there!


Helena Jidborg Alexander

Web Editor, MS Trust

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