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Cycle team raises £30,000 at Goodwood

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The team of cyclists with Lalita

A team of family and friends who call themselves the MS Dossers took part in our 50-mile MS Circuit Challenge at Goodwood in May.

They were doing it to support Lalita (centre of photo) who has been living with MS for over 30 years.


Londoner Lalita Wadhwani has had progressive MS for 34 years, having been diagnosed in 1983 shortly after the birth of her eldest son, Gaurav. For most of the course of her disease, Lalita has not been able to take any medication at all. Critically, and unlike relapsing remitting MS, there are no disease modifying treatments for progressive MS. Treatments for progressive MS have been primarily aimed at helping relieve symptoms.

Lalita is now on the MS-Smart Trial, a drug trial of 3 medicines that are licensed for other conditions, looking at whether they could limit the progression of MS in people with secondary progressive MS. She is normally accompanied on her appointments by Gaurav or her husband. On one of these visits, Gaurav came across a leaflet for the MS Trust’s MS Circuit Challenge at Goodwood and, despite not being a cyclist, was inspired to take up the challenge of completing the 50-mile ride around the circuit in order to raise money for MS.

Along with his younger brother Dino, they enlisted a troupe of family and friends, the 'MS Dossers', and set about training for the challenge and raising awareness of MS. In 6 weeks, the MS Dossers were able to raise over £30,000 for the MS Trust, the MS Society and the Harrow MS Therapy Centre, Lalita’s local MS specialist physiotherapy centre. Their training also paid off as 7 out of 9 of them were able to complete the 50 mile circuit in the allotted time of 3 hours 15 minutes, under some glorious Goodwood sunshine!

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