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Cycling across Australia for the MS Trust

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William White has just completed an east to west cycle across Australia and has raised more than £2,100 for the MS Trust. He tells us more about the ride here:

To my great amazement I've just completed 2,500 miles cycling from Sydney on the east coast of Australia to Perth on the west coast. I feel very lucky to have got away with it and so grateful to everyone who provided sponsorship to support the brilliant work the MS Trust does.

If I was being honest, my original motivation was that there are few things on earth as awe-inspiringly wonderful as waking up every morning and riding 100 miles or more through true big sky country. It's what bicycles were invented for!

Three years ago I got lucky on another cycle trip for the MS Trust and managed to cross the USA from west to east. Ever since I've wondered if the US trip was a one off piece of luck. Taking on Australia with its heat, flies, deserts and miles of lonely tarmac was a chance to prove it wasn't a one off.

The ride this time was gritty, hard, hot, a real graft at times and it was a struggle to keep things together mentally at some points, but looking back now it was one of the great honours of my life to see this wonderful country in such a manner, and at such a pace. And it is such a privilege to raise money for the wonderful work the MS Trust does.

Why MS Trust? My mother and a friend from university were both diagnosed when I was in my 20s. Watching two very active people face the daunting, life-changing challenges MS throws up has not been easy, and their commitment to carry on regardless is truly inspiring.

The MS Trust's vital work supports everyone impacted by MS and I hope one day some breakthrough research they fund will consign MS to the history books. They need every penny we can raise.

On the off chance you would like to read more details about the cycle across Australia, this is the link to my blog.

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